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Greek Yogurt Range at Café Noir

Written by Yasali Liyanage • Written 8 months ago

Greek yogurt has a very low percentage of fat and is a great item for those who are calorie and health conscious to consume.

The jars of Greek yogurt at cafe Noir contains enough greek yoghurt for a light breakfast-and I personally found it very filling. They have accompanied the plain greek yoghurt with some fresh fruit blends with minimal sugar, to ensure that it's still as healthy.


Papaya Greek Yogurt

I absolutely loved this one, who would have thought that pairing these two together would be this yummy? Usually greek yoghurt is paired with a more tangy fruit but since papaya is on the sweet side, the flavour was mellow and delightful, and was definitely refreshing!


Mango Greek Yogurt

Greek yoghurt with blitzed up mango? Amazing! I loved how this one had a bite to it with little chunks of the mango. Perfect if you're looking for something with sweet tropical vibes! Mango is known for being high in fibre, and over-blending it destroys it's beneficial purpose; in this jar however   one can enjoy the full health benefits of mango as well.


Blueberry Greek Yogurt

Blueberries are a great antioxidant. Combining this tangy berry with Greek yoghurt is a classic match. The taste reminded me of one of my favourite desserts- blueberry cheesecake, but this can be a close substitute for health freaks who still want to enjoy blueberry.


Wood Apple Greek Yogurt

Wood apple and milk is a famous combination in Sri Lanka, and those who enjoy it will definitely love the greek yoghurt version - it kind of took me back to my childhood; where my mother would make wood apple and milk juice for me. This fruit is a good energy booster, so be sure to grab one of Noir's wood apple greek yoghurts on your way to work.


Strawberry Greek Yogurt

This one is for the strawberry lovers. Being a strawberry lover myself, I was certainly not disappointed by this. Again strawberries and yogurt are a classic combination and goes great together, so it is quite obvious that this would be on the list of flavours.


Kiwi Greek Yogurt

The kiwi greek yogurt was beautifully mild. You don't usually find anything with kiwi in abundance in Sri Lanka , so I was pleasantly surprised when i got this one. Kiwi is an absolutely great source of vitamins and minerals, and is definitely a winner because it was a nice balance of subtle sweetness and tang.


Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt

Looking for something with a bit of a bite and a bit more tang? Try out their passion fruit Greek yogurt; Passion fruit is great for your skin and eyes and with the Greek yogurt it was yum! Served to you with the seeds and everything, this combination- even though it's more strongly flavoured, is very refreshing.



If you're looking for something healthy, if you're looking for something light, if you love fruity flavours and if you're simply a fan of yoghurt, then make sure you try out the range of Greek yogurts at Noir-they are definitely a value for money. Team Eat tried, and Team Eat approves! 

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