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Written by Asma Marikar-Bawa • Written 6 months ago

Cakes & Bakes have opened the doors to their very own café and restaurant and we were invited for the grand opening. Situated in Bambalapitiya, (it’s hard to miss as it’s on Galle road), they served up an interesting array of food and drinks for us, and here are our thoughts.



StarterHummus and Pita Bread | Rs.410

The Hummus itself was one of our favorites. It was smooth and had just the right amount of olive oil drizzled on top. Paired with the pita bread, it was the perfect match.

Main:  Cakes & Bakes Special Chicken Burger | Rs.510

Lookswise, the burger caught my eye as it was very “instagram-worthy.” It came with a side salad and French fries, which is a great deal for that price. The burger patty was flavoursome, seasoned well and carried a lot of spice. Think of it as a healthier version of the McSpicy. The fries were crispy (no complaints there) and the salad gave a fresh appeal to the whole dish (however I would have preferred it having a dressing or vinaigrette added).


Brownies and Ice Cream | Rs.490

The brownies had great flavour and weren't too sweet, so you didn’t get a massive sugar rush by eating it with the ice cream. I would have preferred the brownie to be heated up as it was cold and if hot, it would have complimented the cold ice cream perfectly. However, the brownie pieces were cut generously as you end up with two big chunks that can easily be shared amongst two people.



Mixed Berry Lavish | Rs.680

Lookswise, it was a pretty drink, topped with whipped cream and cherry sauce, again, “instagram-worthy.” However, flavour-wise, I didn’t get much “mixed berry” coming through, which was slightly disappointing considering the price. It tasted a lot like maraschino cherries more than berries which was still delicious however it had me thinking it should be called a “cherry lavish” instead.


They have done a great job with the ambience. It’s a perfect balance between posh and chilled-out and is very pretty with the pink chairs and floral wallpaper along with a view of Galle road. A perfect place for lunch with the girls, or dinner with your significant other.

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