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Chocolate Buffet at Mount Lavinia Hotel

Written by Insiyah Adamjee • Written 7 months ago

It seemed like Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory might have appeared around the Mount Lavinia Hotel, as Team EAT was invited to an event that just screamed ‘CHOCOLATE’ everywhere you turned, and for good reason - as soon as you walk through the double glass doors, into the Imperial Ballroom, the smell of rich chocolate hits your senses and you really start to believe you’ve entered Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Room! Here are some reviews of the chocolates and dishes we had the opportunity of tasting at this event.


Assorted Chocolate

There were four tables that had assortments of chocolates ranging from ‘All Time Favourites’, ‘Chocolates for the Heart’, ‘Fruity and Nutty’ and ‘Sri Lankan Chocolates’. There were an endless amount of selections and different flavours of chocolate to choose from, some of which were the Salted Chocolate, Pistachio Chocolate, Chilli Chocolate and Fruit-based moulds.

These were incredibly rich and just one sample of each was enough to overwhelm us - however the flavours of the chocolates really shone through, and for a tasting that comprised a couple of bites, I’d say these chocolates made the ‘satisfactory’ list.

Chocolate Waffles & Chocolate Pizza

The pizza and waffles were made at an action station in a corner of the room, and there were large queues behind it, so we were expecting some top-notch waffles and pizzas, however we were slightly let down by them.

Even though the idea of a chocolate pizza is something out of the ordinary, and that is what usually attracts the queues, we found the ‘pizza’ base to be just a piece of bread with a faint chocolate taste and the toppings being the same fruits and chocolate sauce that were used for many of the other desserts available, and so we didn’t find anything special about it.

On the other hand, the waffles were quite delicious, with a range of various add-ons like berry sauce, maple syrup, whipped cream, various fruits, chocolate chips and an Oreo crumble. The waffles were cooked well and were soft, but slightly on the heavy side, and this prevented us from eating any more than half of it.

Chocolate Sphere

This Chocolate Sphere had a filling of mascarpone cream. The theatrical element of the dish is experienced when the hot espresso sauce is poured over the sphere to reveal the filling. Overall, this dish was a winner, with the coffee, cream and chocolate flavours perfectly complementing each other. The textures of each component were soft and creamy as well, so we would rate this one pretty high!


Tip - we suggest you ask for plenty of water or a lime soda during your time here, as being surrounded by so many chocolate dishes becomes quite overwhelming without a palate cleanser.



Chocolate & Fruit Shake

This milkshake was a mix of fruit and chocolate, and we aren’t sure that it was very enjoyable. The heavy use of mango and the faint chocolate flavour did not provide a good balance between the two and it tasted more like a very sweet mango shake rather than a combination of chocolate and mango.

Interior and Ambience

The interior and ambience of the Imperial Ballroom is one to talk about. ‘Elaborate and flamboyant’ seemed to be the theme of the night and this was definitely accomplished through the presentation of the buffet and the decor. From a large ice sculpture to a white chocolate fountain, the place was the definition of ‘eye candy’ (fitting, with all the candy present) and there was a theatrical feel to the evening that made it all the more enjoyable. Props to the band for playing quite a good selection of music covers, including my favourite - Hotel California!


For the price of 1500 LKR, the Chocolate Buffet down at the Mount Lavinia Hotel was one that impressed us tremendously but also made us notice areas that could be improved on, and we hope the organizers pick up on some of these issues as we were told they are hoping to make this an annual event. We hope that we can be more impressed than we already were this year, because for its inaugural edition, we’d say it was an overall success!

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