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Ciconat Lounge (Ifthar Buffet)

Written by Asma Marikar-Bawa • Written 8 months ago

Cioconat Lounge offers a wide range of different cuisines, all under one roof. Intrigued by their ifthar menu, we decided to head on over and give their buffet a go.  At Rs.1550, this buffet did not disappoint in terms of variety.
As we were seated they served us a bowl of porridge and dates with accompanying plates of short-eats (rolls, samosas and fish pastry) and Faluda. This was a great start to the meal, as the meaty samosas were packed with flavor.
The porridge however, could have been a bit spicier by adding more pepper, but they kindly provided us with a chili paste which greatly appeased our Sri Lankan spice buds (the spicier the better!). It also contained a generous amount of meat which was great.

Moving on to the buffet, their starters consisted mainly of (to my delight) Arabian food. As soon as I saw the hummus on the table, I was mentally doing backflips and cart wheels (I pita those who don’t love hummus..- get it? get it?); the hummus looked good and had a liberal amount of olive oil drizzled on top, as a good hummus should; however I was slightly disappointed in terms of flavor as it was quite grainy and going in for a second bite proved quite a task.  
There was also Thabouleh, which is a refreshing Arabian Salad containing Parsley, tomato, cucumber and onion, dressed with a lemon vinaigrette; (looks wise, it resembles your average Gotukola sambol- that went abroad for higher studies and came back with an accent).  This was probably my favourite part of the meal as it was generously drizzled with lemon juice which provided a kick, and was very refreshing in terms of flavor.
Their croissants were light and fluffy and paired well with the two salads - the pasta salad and the tuna salad.


For the mains we tried a bit of everything they had to offer.
The menu consisted of Vermicelli rice, fried rice, Dhal, Tandoori chicken, Mutton curry, Eggplant (Brinjal) stir fry, Lemon fish and Pizza. Everything was good but I would have preferred the food to be slightly warmer as it wasn’t heated up.
The winner for me, was the Eggplant stir fry as it was sweet and spicy and well balanced. The mutton curry was a close second, as the meat was perfectly cooked and very tender; these coupled with the vermicelli rice, were an unbeatable trio.
(On Facebook they stated that there was going to be a live pasta station, however there was no sign of that).

For drinks, we sticked to the Faluda which was provided to us. Taste-wise it could have done with a bit more “oomph” by adding more casa casa (poppy seeds) and jelly, however it was still sweet and sinful, as a Faluda should be and they did provide refills so no complaints there. 


The Caramel was sweet and had a great wobble to it. I definitely did not have any trouble eating every last bite and I didn’t CARE-amel at all about the calories! (This is the last pun for this article, I promise).
The apple crumble again, was something different and proved satisfactory.
They even had a fruit platter with a wide range of fruits such as pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, watermelon and papaya.


Since it was a buffet there wasn’t much interaction with the staff, however they were friendly and did check up on us here and there.

Interior & Ambience  
The interior gives off a very rustic Arabian vibe, especially the room that is used for small gatherings and functions. The seats in the café area had cute cushions with different coffee puns on them (and you know how much I love puns). The buffet area was decorated for Ramadan and was quite pleasant.

In conclusion, they did carry out in terms of variety, but they could have upped their game a bit in terms of flavour and presentation. But overall, it’s a pretty sweet deal for a great price.

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