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Subway's Cinnamon Scrolls

Written by Zainab Faizal • Written 10 months ago

The moment we scroll down our Facebook news feed and came across the shiny new post for Subway’s introduction of cinnamon scrolls, it got our inner Cinnabon fan girl screaming for two reasons.

Firstly, the image they’ve used looked mouthwatering and you’re suddenly filled with hope that Sri Lanka has finally got freely available cinnamon rolls to satisfy our sudden cravings.  Secondly, the fact that it was only 160/- compared to other cafes that serve up “cinnamon rolls” made us run to the nearest Subway – only to return back with the biggest disappointed look on our faces.

Cinnamon Scrolls | Rs.160

‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ cannot get any real the moment we unveiled the cinnamon rolls. It looked pretty much as if it was made by an undomesticated goddess (no offence intended, I’m a proud one myself) and didn’t seem to be fluffy AT ALL. It was dry bone hard and you actually need to use EFFORT to break it or bite into it. Furthermore, the caramelized cinnamon sugar filling was the only thing that made us believe it was a cinnamon roll, but it wasn’t juicy and moist. The glaze on top happened to be thin, tough sugar syrup that was nothing like an actual cinnamon roll.


The cinnamon rolls are heated up before being served, which makes it quite edible and delicious. However if you’re on the go it’s served in a basic Subway paper bag.


Speaking frankly we wish we could say something nice about them, but it’s quite disappointing how an international franchisee messed it up so bad. We sincerely hope, they take down the product and come back when they’ve improved on it and made the scrolls bearable for us to bite into! If you’re looking for cinnamon flavored round roast paan, then go ahead and feast on these.

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