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Colombo Christmas Street - A Foodies Exclusive (Day 1)

Written by Hafsa Killru • Written 12 months ago

Lights. Decorations. Carols. Carnivals and…Shopping! – Isn’t that what everyone loves about December? With Christmas just around the corner, we can feel the festivity spreading joy around the world. Colombo transforms into one of the liveliest cities during the festive season of Christmas.

One of the favourite things about Christmas season is….? We are coming to that and it’s for all the foodies out there – Amazing food!


Butter Boutique

Quite excited about the Colombo Christmas Street happening now, we made a trip down to Green Path in order to try out the food there. And some of the stalls were yet to be set up - Let’s call it a drawback?

Checking out the stalls under the scorching sun (tip: you will need your shades), we first tried out Butter Boutique and we went for their Nutella Cake (Rs.500) – which was handed over to us in a colourful box along with a petite fork making it convenient for us to carry it around. The cake was very soft and rich with many layers of Nutella in between – allowing you to get the taste of chocolate with every mouthful. It also had a silky coating of chocolate and it would definitely give a sugar-rush to anyone. However, it seemed a bit over-priced in relation to the size of the cake piece. Then again, chocoholics – this is certainly one of the best choices for you!

Nutella Cake by Butter Boutique

Moving down the street, we found a sophisticated set up of Tea Boutique by Dilmah, offering a wide range of fine teas. Our choices consisted of two Iced Teas – Mixed Berries and Lemon & Lime along with a steaming cup of Ceylon Spice Chai.


Tea Boutique by Dilmah

Well, don’t expect it to turn up in porcelain glassware - It came in a simple plastic cup. The Mixed Berries had a strong aroma of strawberry jelly and it did give away combined flavours of berries.

The Lemon & Lime Tea, however, was very plain and did not really give us a vivid, concentrated flavour. Moreover, the Iced teas were not served with ice cubes nor were they cold enough.

Our next pick, Ceylon Spice Chai, disappointed us the most. It was as good as normal hot water with no sugar or flavour in it but, we were offered jaggery to complement our tea. Isn’t it the way most villagers drink tea?


Ceylon Spicy Chai Tea by Dilmah

Their menu included tea infused doughnuts and ice cream as well – maybe these could at least win the hearts of foodies. Nevertheless, there is an unanswered question on whether Tea Boutique by Dilmah would actually satisfy Sri Lankan taste buds….

An eye-catching sight was the bicycle at the edge of the street which was basically the backbone of The World’s Smallest Café – Wheelys. They offered fine coffee made with Waitrose brand and we selected their Cappuccino (Rs.330) and we were quite fascinated by their interesting process of making the coffee. The coffee would surely be fancied by coffee-lovers but make sure you get your extra sugar added as well as note that the cream was insufficient. Overall, Wheelys ended up in our good books!


Wheelys Cafe

We also came across the very popular store of Bakes by Bella where you can get some exclusive Christmas desserts. In addition, treat yourself at Bubblelement for discounted prices as well as find some delicious types of pizzas at Rocco’s.


Bakes by Bella

What more? – Calling out to all the candy lovers, there is a stall full of confectionary by Mac Mart. Warning to all parents – your kids are not going to move away from their stall! Adding to the list of food stalls, you can find Mount Lavinia Hotel providing their best dishes in midst of the bundled street as well as Aro (which was empty at that time) and Grills where you can stop by for a hotdog or sausage.


Mac Mart

Apart from the food stalls, we spotted many clothing stores as well as home appliances on sale. Also, you can rent out caddies for your convenience to travel down the street. At the focal point of the street, there were preparations going on for a concert and we spotted many autistic people all ready in their costumes for their performances. Make sure you try your luck with the games that are provided free just for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Get down to Green Path during this festive season and have some fun at this happening event – And, oh do not forget to try out the food there!

Disclaimer: This is an independent review

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