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Yet Another Review of Colombo Christmas Street A Foodie’s Exclusive (Day 3)

Written by Hafsa Killru • Written 11 months ago

It was Christmas Eve and the break of dawn was celebrated with some real loud music at the Colombo Christmas Street. There was more energy last night than the commencement of this event.

Wishing to explore the additions that were made to the event, we were a part of the jostling crowd down the street.

We had an exciting experience at ARÔ, where we tried out their different types of flavours in shot glasses and it was rather fun. They had five flavours from which we tried, the Carrot, Beetroot, Celery and their best-seller Ambarella juices. The Carrot and Beetroot juices were rather concentrated and it may be the perfect choice for any vegetable lovers - even though it would not be preferred by a handful. Ambarella is a good choice for anyone who’d prefer a pint of sourness with their icy drink. The real treat for us was the Celery juice. If you are looking for something new, you’d want to try this out! Celery juice was a combination of King Coconut, Pineapple, Guava, Apple and of course - Celery!

And guess what? - they had some catchy packaging which contained information about the benefits of each ingredient used in the combination! Aro is for anyone who’d want some healthy juice if they are not at all concerned that a 250ml bottle is being sold at Rs.400. Yet, a healthy drink for that value is quite worthy.

Remembering our previous experience of the Ceylon Spice Chai, we spoke to Tea Boutique by Dilmah Tea regarding their teas that were reviewed on the first day of the event. The manager took the matter into his own hands and treated us very warmly with another cup of Ceylon Spice Chai. Hoping to change our previous review, we found that the Tea had actually had an improved taste with Cinnamon blending in the flavour and it also gave a strong aroma of the same spice.

We tasted their Peach and Pear Iced Tea which was quite good - yet it still lacked ice and sugar.

We also tried their Chicken Wrap - which very much resembled a shawarma. However, the rotti was rough. If you are concerned whether their food is halal, in response to our inquiry regarding the same, they replied saying they are halal and they get their chicken from Bairaha.


In regard to our previous review about Tea Boutique, we actually found their Tea infused Ice Cream really luscious. We picked out Rose with French Vanilla and the texture was very soft - Maybe because of the Teas mixed in it? Also, the cone was very crispy. It was truly a wonderful treat for Rs.100 and we would certainly love more!

Well, that was surely one memorable Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

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