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Easter Brunch at Waters Edge

Written by Duhan Veera • Written 9 months ago

Peter Rabbit has come to Waters Edge this Easter celebrating Colombo's finest Easter Sunday brunch spread. From Peter Rabbit arriving in a helicopter, to the puppet show, a number of fun games for the kids and not forgetting the delicious spread laid out by the skilled chefs at the various restaurants at Waters Edge, it was truly a very extravagant event.


For us adults, there was so much food to choose from, from amazing starters to the freshest of seafood and delicious Italian and Indian cuisine.

The dessert corner was limitless with cakes, ice cream sundaes... the list was endless!

We’ve chosen to highlight a few Bunny Kisses and Easter Wishes for our readers to drool on. ❤



With possibly the largest starters display, we were in shook!


Salmon Wrap Sushi, Spicy Tuna Sushi and Salmon Sashimi

Special Mention goes to the Salmon Wrap Sushi and Spicy Tuna Sushi. The Salmon Wrap consisted of a salmon and diced cucumber on the inside, covered with rice and wrapped with a salmon strip around it. The freshness of the salmon was evident through its juicy and flavourful texture.

The Spicy Tuna Sushi was just amazing. The tuna curry-like filling in the sushi had a wonderful twang and spice to it, thus its name. The Spicy tuna was a wonderful fusion starter.

The Salmon Sashimi was succulent and fresh. It is safe to say that the sushi and sashimi at Waters Edge are a benchmark of Colombo's sushi game. 

Sushi and Sashimi.jpg



Mussels, Clams, Crab and Oysters

All of these were served in their steamed forms. The crabs were huge and dissecting them was a bit of a challenge but in the end, the chunks of meat made it all worth it.

The mussels were flavourful, we couldn't actually figure out the flavour of its broth, but it was good. The clams were fresh as were the oysters, both had a distinct fresh sea water taste to them. All in all, just refreshing and palatable. 

Oyster, Mussels & Clams.jpg



Pumpkin Feta Terrine

Amongst all terrines laid on the spread, this caught our eyes for the very distinct shape and combination of flavours. The log-shaped pumpkin brain was filled with feta cheese. It was a great combination and we went for seconds on this one. 

Pumpkin Feta Terrine.jpg



Smoked Beef Mille Feuille

The savoury Mille Feuille was just heavenly, nuff said. The filling within the two crisp layers of smoked beef was just STUNNING that we forgot what was in the filling. You got to try this, since words can do no justice.

Smoked Beef Mille Feuille.jpg




Oh My God. That's how I'll explain the mains. You might need to book a room or something at the Edge in order to taste EVERYTHING. Possibly the biggest spread this Easter in CMB.


Prawn Ravioli

The prawn ravioli was prepared on an action station. The flavours which screamed Italian from the basil infusion to the herbs from the spicy tomato sauce was spot on and the filling being plain boiled prawns that preserved its succulent juiciness was just amazing.

Prawn Ravioli.jpg



Blue Swimmer Baked Crab

The crabs were baked to perfection. The cheesiness of the filling was the highlight of the dish. We almost kind of lost it when there was baked crab in the buffet, and we couldn't contain our excitement. The fact that it was insanely fresh, and you felt that seawater aftertaste along with the cheesy goodness did wonders to your Easter.

Blue Swimmer Baked Crab.jpg



Chicken and Fish Tikka

The chicken tikka was good. The cinnamon, cayenne and pepper flavours were evident on the slight burns on the meat. The fish tikka was just priceless; it was burnt to perfection, its bright orange texture from the masala and juicy flavours were just mind blowing.


Artichoke and Eggplant Lasagna

A good lasagna is a clear path to my heart. For a vegetarian lasagna option, this was the best I've had so far. It had a balance of both artichoke and eggplant and I appreciated how it added a healthy element to an otherwise notoriously unhealthy dish.

Artichoke and Eggplant Lasagna.jpg



Polos Biriyani

An interesting take on the biriyani, but unfortunately is a hit or miss. Though both were cooked well and flavour was on point, there was no synchronisation unfortunately.

Polos Biriyani.jpg



Roasted Tom Turkey

By the time we got to the turkey, it was half gone. The gravy added the necessary flavour and moisture. The skin on the outside rendered how well baked the turkey was.

Roasted Tom Turkey.jpg



Fried Crab Claw

The crab claw was a crumb fried meaty crab cake. It was fried at the station and was mouthwateringly good. Dip it in their wasabi mayonnaise that they've recommended, you'd feel pleasure like you've never felt before and an awkward run in with nostalgia!

Fried Crab Claw.jpg




Not a huge selection, but fresh fruit juices and table water. You can order drinks and alcohol from their beverage menu that'll be charged additionally.


Watermelon Juice

The thin textured, fresh and sugarless watermelon juice was wonderful during the hot noon. It was refreshing on the palate. 


Papaya Juice

The papaya juice was not the best. Though completely fresh, it was way too thick and pulpy.


King Coconut Juice

The king coconut juice was disappearing in front of our eyes. Refreshing for the hot weather Colombo is experiencing.



There was a chocolate fountain!!! With a range of items to be dipped into as well, to once again a kilometre long dessert range.


Ice Cream Kottu

Ice Cream in vanilla or chocolate flavour, add-ons based on your choice from blueberry sauce, cookies, strawberry jelly, peanuts and waffle ice cream cones. The best part was how it was prepared over an ice block. They didn't exactly go chop chop like kottu but kinda mixed it into a messy blob and popped it into a bowl. It looked gross, but tastes delicious ONLY if you made the right combo!

Ice Cream Kottu.jpg


Sticky Date Pudding

The image of a sticky date pudding is how sticky and dark the texture is. This pudding was soft and the dates were placed sparingly so it would not be too sticky and difficult to eat. It was delectable.


Salted Caramel Tart

The crust on the caramel tart was flaky and the chocolate caramel was exceedingly smooth and felt extremely rich on the taste buds!



Chef Nalin Hewage's signature macaroons were once again showcased on the spread. The caramel filling and chocolate dipped exterior was amazing. Compliments to the chef and his amazing recipe. (These ran out like hot cakes and avurudu was JUST around the corner)


Raspberry Mousse

Words aren't enough to describe why this was my favourite dessert of the noon. Being a huge berry fan, I wasn't disappointed AT ALL! While everyone was busy stuffing themselves with chocolate mousse, I was getting lucky with this one! A slight tangy zing from the fruit to the silky smooth mousse - should I still go on?



3700/- Nett per person, 5-12 years half price. Below age 5 - FREE!



The Easter egg decor, the ice sculptures and the wonderful preparation for the kids, all in all was a wonderful afternoon for both the kids and the adults. 



The staff were kind and hospitable especially the one at the ice cream counter. They were quite eager to clear up the table too, and at times I felt pressurised into finishing up soon in order to clear up the plates.


Interior & Ambience

The entire hotel was utilised to ensure the wide buffet layout. From seating in the restaurants, open air lobby, and the garden, it added space and ensured that the kid’s activities did not clash with the adults dining.



We hardly dug into the fine array of food laid out for brunch and we were already stuffed.

The highlight for the adults was seeing the Bunny arrive on the helicopter as more adults than kids were running towards Peter Rabbit! It was truly a sight, with an grand entrance almost as if SRK dropped into waters edge, from Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham. *And the crowd goes WILD*


The wide variety of the spread was just unbelievable. We practically got lost in the in the ocean of food and in fact missed a few stations! (Yes it was THAT huge).

From amazing starters to Italian, Indian, Sri Lankan and Western mains to award winning desserts.

Special thanks to Dema for making our Easter afternoon one of the best dining experiences!


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