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Eid 2017 : Places Taking Orders

Written by Asma Marikar-Bawa • Written 7 months ago

With Eid around the corner, there’s always a hustle and bustle of aunties trying to find a decent place that takes orders for the annual feast to be shared with the family. We’ve decided to make their lives a bit easier this year, and concoct our very own list of places taking orders for Eid (comprising of lunch as well as some other sweet treats). Note: All the places named in this list work only on a pre-order basis.


Mr. Food

  077 9 916167

This year, they are having their very own Chicken Biriyani Savan at Rs.2400 nett which includes a whole chicken with Masala gravy, Malay pickle, Maldive fish Sambol, Green peas curry as well as a Watalappan pudding for dessert.

Pot Biriyani

  077 7 330938 | 071 6 669669

Looking for a good Pot Biriyani feed? Check out Pot Biriyani, as this year they are having Chicken, Mutton and beef with two different pot sizes, one serving 8 and another for 4 people. I don’t know if it’s just me or if the fact that it’s cooked in a pot makes it taste so much better.

New Banana Leaf

  075 5 500001

A bit of a hole in the wall, but trust me when I say they do one of the best Chicken Biriyani’s in Colombo.

Empire Kitchen

  071 4 353335 (Confirmed Orders) | 077 7 740273 (Inquiries)

If you’re not a massive fan of Biriyani (although who isn’t?!) or you are simply looking for something lighter for lunch after all the eid snacking, Empire Kitchens’ menu consists of ghee rice, A full chicken, beef curry and broth, potato curry, kaliya , deviled capsicum, Malay pickle, pineapple and a wattalappan pudding for dessert (so much for going light, eh?).


  011 4 940940

They are doing different Biriyani savans this year which you can pick and choose according to meat preference or price range.

Chicken Biriyani : Rs.3250

BBQ Chicken Biriyani : Rs.4150

Prawn Biriyani : Rs.4800

Mutton Biriyani : Rs.5250

Ibrahim Eating House, Maradana

  011 2 696930 | 011 5 740465

Hands down, THE best Kidu in Colombo. Mixing in traditional flavors and packaging (within a banana leaf basket) this is a perfect option for your Eid lunch (again, for the non-Biriyani fans) that doesn’t hurt the purse strings.

Tip: get the beef Kidu with the fried whole-chicken.

Galle Caterers

  011 4 949222 | 011 4 200926 | 011 4 367722 | 011 4 542240 | 011 2 728480

They do a great biriyani and string hopper biriyani with the traditional curries such as Malay pickle, devilled cashews, Maldive fish sambol, mint sambol, raita, pineapple chutney and their very own “special chicken”.

Paan Paan

This year, Paan paan has their own range of sweet  and savory platters as well as coffee and cake. Head on over, if you are looking for a beautifully decorated cake for the table or as a gift, or even a few short eats and sweets to lay out for the visitors. If they're just as good as their ramadan platters, we arent comeplaining!


  011 4 931786

Moving on to sweets, Panaashs’ special Eid menu consists of a range of Indian sweets and treats as well as gift hampers (at RS.5000) and fruit baskets. This is perfect for dessert, or to lay out on the table for visitors or even to take as gifts.

Note: Head to to check out their menu which will be updated daily until the day of Eid.


  011 4 325584

They too, have a great range of Indian sweets and treats. Their Eid menu consists of carrot halwa, ramadan sewaiyan, milk mawa burfi, gulab jamun, rasgulla, ras malai, and kaju burfi (katli ). However, they do advise you to order two days prior to Eid.

Treats n Stuff

  077 787 7166

If you’re looking for a home-made brownie-based dessert, which is full of chocolatey goodness, check out Treats n Stuff. They take the regular chocolate brownie to a new level that is sure to put a smile on your face. (They are also perfect if you are looking for an edible gift to win some “aunty points”).

Note: they will be delivering orders on the 24th hence orders have to go in prior to the 24th.

Crunchy Crumbles

  077 706 6716

Another home baker who will be taking orders this Eid. Their menu consists of a range of sweets and savories as follows.

Gulab Jamun | Date Bar | Barfi | Nanakatha | Mini Brownie Pie | Coconut Snowball | Brownie | Date & Almond Surprise | Chocolate Tart

Chicken Pie | Chicken / Sausage Pizza | Creamy Potato Tart | Sausage Wrap | Chicken / Fish Pastry| Chicken / Veg Spring Roll | Fish Cutlet

Vanilla Cake (Plain / Frosted) | Chocolate Cake (Plain / Frosted) | Double Chocolate Cake (Plain / Frosted) | Date Cake (Plain / Frosted) | Mini Cupcakes | Customized Eid Cakes

Watalappan | Cream Caramel

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