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Ginza on the Edge – Teppanyaki

Written by Tenisha Buell • Written 9 months ago

We had the privilege of attending the opening of a new craze in the world of Japanese food, right here in Colombo; the Teppanyaki station at Ginza! As exquisite as Japanese food may already be, Teppanyaki takes it to a whole new level as the customer's experience a way of dining where the food is made on a hot iron griddle before their very eyes. So not only do the diners taste artfully made food, they also get to watch their chef prepare it!


The Teppanyaki section of Ginza is placed outside, on the veranda so that the odor of what’s being grilled does not enter the inside of the elegant restaurant. There is a seating table for around 8-10 people around the iron griddle so that the moment the food is made, it is placed gracefully in front of you.


We had the pleasure of speaking to the head chef of Ginza where we were told that the Teppanyaki chefs were trained for a period of approximately 6 months in preparation for this ‘art-like’ form of cooking, even if all they have to do is simply grill vegetables.


The process is simple: you are given a menu with a choice of meats including fish, chicken, beef, pork, as well as vegetables, and you are given the choice of how you would like it prepared.


In conclusion, this expands the borders of Japanese cuisine lovers in Sri Lanka as they have now given a new way of experiencing Japanese food. We will definitely be visiting again for our very own exclusive Japanese Teppanyaki experience at the Edge.


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