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Ice Cream Burger - Tea Avenue (Eat Reviewed)

Written by Zainab Faizal • Written 9 months ago

Everyday I scroll my Instagram like a religion, praying that at least one of these days the fancy food outlets in CMB would come up with something mind-blowingly amazing.

Luckily for me, I got Tea Avenue rubbing a beautiful burger at my face, and upon close inspection you realize this ain't your average burger. THIS IS A FREAKING ICE CREAM ONE! *screaming internally because that's what you do when it's ice cream*

Here's what I thought!

Ice Cream Burger | Rs 890/-

This glorious baby was ON POINT. It resembled those to die for desserts, the kind you spend hours on Facebook drooling over and end up cussing because you aren't living in Singapore or LA.

First of all, the burger buns were actual burger buns - you can even see the sesame, but it's slightly toasted with cinnamon sugar giving you a very donut vibe which was delicious. The two giant scoops of chocolate ice cream, loaded with whipped cream and a couple of crushed Oreos seemed to be a match made in ice cream heaven. The flavor that pops into your mouth with the warm sugary donut like burger buns to the ice cold ice cream and crunch of the Oreos is surreal. You're basically transfixed in an ice cream high and you keep digging in until you're done.

Unfortunately if you're looking for the ACTUAL burger experience, this is not it - since you need a little bit of your knife and fork skills to finish up this messy beast.

This dish was served with a side of churros dressed in thick chocolate sauce, in which it was clearly evident, that the churros had forgotten to take its dip in cinnamon sugar and tasted rather odd.


Blueberry & Oats Shake | Rs 720/-

Downing the star dish, we found ourselves roaming around the drinks to beat this terrible, no good, very bad heat! And we found this beauty! *cries*

Initially the thought of fruit and oatmeal sounded gross, but boy was I wrong.

It had a slushy like consistency considering how cold it was, along with tons of blueberries and purée along with the oatmeal, all blended to give you a taste of pure paradise. Furthermore this was infused with iced tea too, to make it far less thick and the end result gave you a tutti fruity flavor with a dash of sparkly lemon and little bits of the oatmeal, along with the refreshing feel of the ice. LOVED IT.


Mint & Chocolate Milkshake | Rs 590/-

Although I was quite skeptical to give this a shot, I was kinda glad I did make the bold move.

It looked fabulous, something straight out of a Vogue milkshake ad and we loved the pastel green and the dollop of whipped cream.

The drink had chocolate blended in and you can see the tiny black pieces, and it tasted like a blast of peppermint. However, we found the mint to be overpowering (like Regina George) where we didn't exactly get the chocolate (Lindsay Lohan A.K.A I cannot remember her character name).



So proud of Tea Avenue to make the bold move of introducing the ice cream burger in this CMB heat, (as well as to lighten up your Instagram!)

The fact that it was super filling and can be easily shared between two was totally worth its price and I cannot wait to see what else they'll get in store! 

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