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Ifthar at Ceylon City Hotel

Written by Asma Marikar-Bawa • Written 8 months ago

Ceylon City hotel has been an old favourite when it comes to their annual Ifthar offers, as well as catching a quality meal that doesn’t hurt the purse strings. We decided to head on over and see what the fuss was all about, and there were definitely some positives that could make us go back for more; The price being one - at RS.800 (for the platter) they do offer quite a spread.



We got the Ifthar platter that is just about enough for one person, and includes an assortment of bites and other knick knacks. Perfect for a light meal.


The vegetable samosa

This was something I really enjoyed, it was light and had a good crisp to it plus it was packed with potato that had a perfect texture. It sort of resembled a potato dosa, but in the form of a samosa... Call it a “Samdosa” if you may, because it was definitely a delicious hybrid of the two.


The Fish Patty

It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, just a normal spicy fish patty.


The Mexican Chicken Wrap

This was probably the main chunk of the meal as it was the most filling. The wrap had a filling of chicken, curd, red beans and a salad. Eating this was really confusing for us (in a good way, if that makes sense), as we tried to figure out where the creamy sourness was coming from - we later found through inspection, that it was the curd (Just call us your local Sherlock Holmes). The flavour combination was unique, but it could have used a nice salsa to go with it to provide some heat.



I’m not the biggest fan of Kanji, but I was pleasantly surprised as it was wholesome and tasted a lot like a regular bowl of home-made goodness. It didn’t have a lot of chicken in it but taste-wise, I’m not complaining. It was also heated to the perfect temperature so that was a plus point for me as no one likes a cold bowl of porridge.



The Date Shake

The meal included their very own “Date shake” which is basically a milkshake with added dates. Flavour-wise, it tasted like a regular vanilla milkshake which was slightly disappointing, but it did look pretty with little date flecks sprinkled on top.



Fruit Platter

The meal came with a fruit platter which included quite a generous assortment of fruits for one person. The platter included grapes, oranges, banana, watermelon and papaya. A perfect way to end a meal - on a healthy note - Talk about being “Grapeful” (I had to, sorry).



Would definitely recommend, if you want something light and not too expensive for Ifthar. Oh and the veggie samosas, go for the samosas.

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