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Ifthars in Colombo Part 2

Written by Asma Marikar-Bawa • Written 8 months ago

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Guess who’s back, back again, guess who’s back, tell a friend (to bring samosas) - because here is a second  list compromising of places that are willing to entertain and cater to your every need where food is concerned, this Ramadan season.


Arabian Knights

At Rs.1350 nett, their meal sound very traditional and includes dates, a drink (either Vimto, Laban, Faluda or Lemon Mint) , soup or porridge, a mini patty, an authentic beef samosa, a mini burger, hummus, herbed potato, mini shawarma, mini grill plate, tea or coffee and dessert.  

(Note: they do encourage you to book beforehand as they tend to fill up quite quickly)




Mango Tree

Mango Tree are offering a special Ifthar menu as well as a savan menu. Indian food for Ifthar is as good as it gets, (especially if Biriyani is on the menu) and we will definitely be heading over to the Mango Tree soon to try it out!





They have introduced their special Ifthar menu, which includes a complimentary Porridge, and consists of dishes such as the Fish Sayadia with Vegetable Jalfrezi, Shish Kabab and Mandi rice and a Chicken Tikka Masala with vegetable Jalfrezi. It also comes with an accompanying Mini ifthar platter (containing fruit and short eats), as well as Lassi.




Café Noir

Café noir has released their new “Ifthar packages” and the menu sounds very inviting and encompasses 2 options - A Hyderabadi chicken Dum Biriyani/ Naan bread with Beef kofta and Saffron yoghurt Or the Bagara Khana (flavored rice) with Marinated brochettes and Saffron yoghurt. These are accompanied by Dates, Porridge and a strawberry milkshake.





The limited edition “Isso Biriyani” is only available in the month of Ramadan (Note: for pre-orders only).  At Rs.6950 it’s a bit on the high end side price-wise, but knowing Isso, it’s probably packed full of flavor (that’s enough to convince us). Also, a prawn Biriyani sounds delicious!




Café Shaze

They are offering Beef porridge, dates and  a bottle of water for free during Ifthar time. When asked, they said they don’t have a special menu of sort, so the diners will have to order A la carte.





At Rs.1800 nett, their special Ifthar menu consists of porridge, Chicken Biriyani, dates, Lassi , Fresh fruits and samosas.




Mount Lavinia Hotel

They are offering an “Ifthar with a view” this season. Their 'theme nights’ buffet is at a steady Rs.2900 nett and comes with a special Ifthar corner. So head on over to The Governors’ Restaurant and Terrace for this sweet deal.

(Note: They also have a prayer room available).




Upalis by Nawaloka

Their Ifthar menu starts with a  Faluda or a Fresh mixed fruit drink with accompanying dates and sukiri.

The entrée is a trio fish pattie, mutton samosa and a cheese finger sandwich which also comes with a bowl of porridge.

The mains are very traditional; including Sri Lankan string hoppers (red or white), egg /plain hoppers, pol pittu, pol rotti, kata sambol and coconut milk. (All mains will be served with Fish, Chicken or Mutton curry).

For dessert, you get a choice of ice cream, chocolate biscuit pudding, watalappam or cream caramel. All this for Rs.1995 nett.




Indian summer

At Rs.699 nett, their menu consists of dates, Porridge, Sherbet, a Chicken spring roll, a Mutton samosa, a vegetable Pakoda, Faluda with ice cream and Carrot Halwa. The carrot Halwa has us intrigued... however, if carrot cake can be such a big hit, why can’t carrot Halwa be just as delicious?




Mandarina Colombo

At Rs.1450 nett,  their starters are a porridge and a chicken/mutton or vegetable samosa accompanied by a Mixed fruit juice or Faluda.

 For the main course, they have a choice of a mutton or chicken Biriyani with a Cucumber Raita, Shish Taouk and Grilled Kofta  (again, a choice of chicken or beef)  with a Mixed vegetable korma salad. 

For dessert, they have a choice of Fresh curd with Honey bee yoghurt, Watalappam and a fresh fruit platter.




Lebanese Restaurant 
They're offering special "Ifthar packs" this season. At Rs.1300 the packs are equipped with a chicken or beef shawarma,  a quarter griled chicken, the soup of the day, Hummus, French fries, Pickles, Lebanese bread and also their very own Fresco or Lime juice.


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