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Written by Husein Esufally • Written 6 months ago

Boy, 'taco-bout' a grand opening! On the corner of Dr. Lester James Peiris Mawatha (Dickmans Road) the grand opening of Let’s Taco lit up a dark night with their elegant fairy lights and groovy music, inviting every passerby inside to grab a nacho and join in on an event that lit the spark for Colombo’s casual Mexican scene.



5 dipping sauces and a bowl of nachos, soft and hard tacos, quesadillas and churros — the perfect assortment for a grand opening - our expectations were blown away by the huge variety and top-class quality!

Each dish showcased its Mexican heritage flawlessly with tasty, explosive and homely flavours. With a glass of refreshing cucumber juice to cleanse your palate, you (like us) will find yourself going back for seconds and thirds. However, with their strong cinnamon flavour and fluffy batter, the churros were the star that night giving your palate a grand introduction to the spirit of Mexican cuisine.



The buzzing atmosphere, chic decor and the smell of tacos and salsa created a truly memorable evening! Watching the endless stream of people entering the restaurant and tucking into the array of Mexican food truly celebrated authentic Mexican culture: food for everyone.

The highlight of the evening though, was watching the restaurant manager making sure everything was perfect and I think for all her hard work we can confidently say it was!


Friends and Mexican food — what else makes the perfect casual evening? With the eclectic ambience and delicious food, Let’s Taco showed those who attended the event, and those who read about it, who is boss when it comes to authentic Mexican food. All I have to say is that it was an absolutely 'spec-taco-lus' evening!

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