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New Menu Additions at Café Noir

Written by Zainab Faizal • Written 8 months ago

Cafe Noir has been in the coffee biz for a while now, and while they take Sri Lanka by a storm, they've got a brand new range of items that's bound to blow your mind. 

Mornings in CMB means, grabbing a crappy fish bun or a rotti patty to fill you up before you go on with your day because conventional coffee shops would eat your wallet when you want something as chill as a bagel. (Cut us humans some slack y'all). 

Cafe Noir on the other hand introduces bagels, gourmet hotdogs making it the PERFECT quick bite, and AMAZING croissants that fell in right from France. (Okay maybe not France, but you get what I mean). 



Bagel with Cream Cheese | Rs.450/- 

Although their bagels aren't made in house, they get it from the best in town and that shall be a secret. Now these bagels are soft and a little crunchy and look perfectly glossy like a donut! The dough had bits of red and green chili bits making it the ultimate savory bagel. You have the choice of heating is up, which is convenient since it's best served hot after all. The original cream cheese is incorporated with crushed olives giving it a Greek feel that tasted supreme! You can just go on eating the cream cheese on its own, yes, it was that good. 


Bagel with Spicy Cream Cheese | Rs.450/- 

This one is served with a spicy to twist to the otherwise average cream cheese. It had a sweet chili pepper taste, meaning at first it's sweet and then it slams you with the heat and yet it's soothing with the silky  touch of the cheese! 


Bagel with Nutella Cream Cheese | Rs.450/- 

At first sight both Yasali and I were like "what is that brown goop!?" (Insert confused emoji), and when the waiter said it was Nutella, we had mixed feelings. It was like finding out your handsome crush is actually gay. Skeptical to try it out, we eventually fell in love with the Nutella and cream cheese combo! It was so darn good. Imagine the hazelnut chocolate mixed with the calming cream cheese, almost like a cheesecake without the base!  Pair it with the bagel and we found a winner. (Please change presentation style! And this item taught us how important it is to not judge people and food by its cover) 


Noir Special Hotdog | Rs.440/- 

This was a pretty special hotdog, especially since it looked all dressed for the ultimate hotdog showdown. The giant sausage was processed meat but cooked to perfection and super soft and juicy. The buns were toasted and dressed with slices of fresh tomato, pickles, green and red bell pepper. The pepper gave a nice smoky flavor to the hotdog along with a mayo and mustard infused sauce zig zagged on top. The hot dogs are served with sweet potato fries, the healthy alternative with a spicy/salty coating. The fries are something you have never tried before, and you're definitely going to enjoy this! 


Chilli Chicken Hotdog | Rs.380/- 

This one was incredibly spicy since it had freshly chopped green chili! It's smothered with slices of tomato, Sri Lankan bell pepper, chopped onions and a lovely zig zag of mayonnaise. Perfect for those who want something super spicy, fresh and wallet friendly! 


Plain Croissant | Rs.300/- 

Finding good croissants here is like trying to find the right man. Head over to Cafe Noir for soft and butter on the inside with crisp, melt in your mouth goodness on the outside. Best! 


Ham & Cheese Croissant | Rs.480/- 

The very same croissant served with slices of processed ham and slices of cheddar cheese. Both were quite salty and seemed like a great added touch to the plain butter croissant. 


Scrambled Egg Croissant | Rs. 480/- 

The scrambled egg is made of purely whites meaning it's as healthy as it gets. It was so light and airy, served with pepper and parsley.


Creamy Grilled Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash | Rs. 1200/- 

One of my favorites for the evening! A beautifully grilled chicken breast smothered with creamy mushroom sauce with SWEET POTATO MASH! That's right, it's all about being HEALTHY. You can have a guilt free meal and lay off all those horrible carbs with this amazing combo. 



Strawberry Mint Mojito | Rs.600/- 

Being a giant fan of strawberry Mojito, this certainly enters the good books - with good reasons!  Firstly, the drink looks fabulous, you don't even get it this good at five star hotels which is a bonus point. Secondly, there was a helluva load of strawberry purée, which is fresh, sticky sweet and tangy at the same time that complimented the drink. Although we got the wonderful hues of the lime, soda and mint - the purée made the drink a little too difficult to suck on with a straw considering how it keeps getting stuck

Tip: have bigger straws for this un'! 


Noir Blue Breeze | Rs. 450/- 

This is definitely Monin syrup and although it looked super gorgeous and something you'd rather sip by the beach, you would be greatly disappointed by the fact that it simply tasted like a fizzy, extra sweet drink. Nothing to brag about, but hey! At least it's Instagram worthy. 


Mojito Mint | Rs.450/- 

Your average virgin mint Mojito, however it was a little too fizzy which wasn't sweet. (Plain ol' soda not sprite!) You did get your lovely dose of the tangy lemon and the fresh feel of the mint leaves as they've been muddled into the drink for maximum flavor! 



All items looked absolutely dashing in terms of presentation. For instance the croissants looked like a work of art and so did the bagels, however how the Nutella cream cheese that was served needs to be addressed asap. 



For your inner bagel monster and croissant cravings, Cafe Noir shall not disappoint! Plus those dawgs looked LIT and so is everything else at Noir. Drop by whenever to basically indulge in amazing food for the best prices!

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