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Pizza Hut's Triple Treat

Written by Dewni Chirathma • Written 2 months ago

The ‘Triple Treat Box’ from Pizza Hut looked like it would be a delight to indulge in - so the EAT team ventured forth. Priced at Rs. 2500/= there are three boxes of delicious goodies on offer.

The first box consisted of the Hot and Spicy Chicken pizza, the second was the Devilled Chicken pizza and the third (which was my personal favorite) had two portions of chocolate lava cake alongside one portion of garlic bread.

Hot & Spicy chicken

In terms of flavour, the Hot and Spicy Chicken pizza was rich - the double layer of mozzarella cheese was gooey and complemented the chunks of chicken perfectly. The sautéed chicken together with the capsicum and onions tasted satisfactorily spicy and savoury as well. The crust wasn’t too doughy nor was it chewy which was another plus point as it would have otherwise brought out a plain flavour. Overall the pizza tasted absolutely fresh and delicious.

Devilled Chicken

On the other hand, the Devilled Chicken pizza was saucy, but not in a way that would’ve left a pungent aftertaste. The pizza wasn’t too thick and it had the right proportion of topping to dough. The chicken was flavourful, meaty and cooked to perfection. The overall pizza tasted even more succulent and flavourful as it was garnished with onions and olives. Apart from that, the thick crust was quite crispy and the pizza was yummy and filling.

Garlic Bread

Biting into warm, crunchy garlic bread is truly satisfying and the garlic bread by Pizza Hut was crispy, salty and appetizing! The bread was neither plain nor soggy but it needed a tad more garlic butter - it lacked the punch of garlic you would  expect from it.

Lava Cake

You know what they say: a balanced diet is chocolate in both hands! 

The lava cake was delicious and baked flawlessly - it was soft and of a fine texture. The molten chocolate center wasn’t too overpowering or too sweet and the texture was smooth, dense and creamy. In other words it was a sweet delight! Definite 10/10 for me.


All in all, the ‘Triple Treat Box’ was worth the price and tasted delicious. That being said, it offered whatever was already on the existing menu - it could’ve been improved if the combo had included something new which would’ve made it a bit more exciting to try out and dig into.


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