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RAMADAN 2017 – A list of Ifthars and other Knick Knacks available this season

Written by Asma Marikar-Bawa • Written 8 months ago

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When you start hearing the words “Ramadan Mubarak!” or “Ramadan Kareem” (which is the greeting generally used to wish one a blessed and peaceful Ramadan) you know that fasting is around the corner; and with that in mind, we’ve got you covered on where to indulge and feast in style, when you’re just not into the whole idea of cooking and doing the dishes at home. Here are our top picks on where to break your fast with utter satisfaction this Ramadan season; most of which are available daily from 6PM until 10PM.


Cioconat Lounge 

They are offering 3 options this season: The Ifthar buffet at Rs.1550 (with VAT) which offers continental as well as fusion (Arabic) food;

You can opt for the À la carte menu at Rs.1100.

 They are also offering short-eats packages at Rs.650 which includes porridge and is a perfect deal for a sinful midnight snack- because let’s face it, the 12am Chinese roll/Patty cravings are real!



Galle Face Hotel

They are offering a daily buffet inclusive of the traditional Ifthar items such as dates and porridge at the Verandah. Indulge in lavish food with a beautiful view and the crisp sea breeze lingering around the corner, this offer has us running to make reservations ASAP.




Café 64 is offering a sweet “Ifthar Pickup Package deal” consisting of a chicken biryani savan, 8 sandwiches, 8 samosas and 8 shawarmas, all at a cool Rs.5600 – as Joey Tribbianni from FRIENDS said: “Here come the meat sweats!”   

Their Arabic restaurant Sheherezade is also offering a daily Ifthar buffet consisting of a full Arabic spread- yes please!



Cinnamon Grand

Our favorite, Taprobane is offering an upgraded Ifthar buffet for Rs.3257 nett.

If you don’t feel like a buffet you can opt for their set menu (main meal) at Rs.3125 nett.

They also offer an Ifthar “snack” at Rs.1825 nett which includes juice, coffee, short-eats and porridge which is perfect for your Post-Tarawih short-eats fix!




Harbour Court will be having a daily “International Ifthar buffet” in addition to porridge and short-eats which will be served around 6:30 onwards all this for a sweet Rs.3000 nett per person.




They too offer a daily Ifthar buffet at Rs.2500 nett.



Movenpick Hotel

AYU is offering an Ifthar dinner buffet at Rs.3330 nett throughout the month and promises an assortment of specialties.



Ceylon City Hotel

At Rs.800 nett per head they are offering a variety of snacks such as samosas, patties, fruit platters, Mexican wraps, Porridge and their very own “Date Shake.”



Manhattan Fish Market

They’re offering 4 different categories to choose from (in steps) that add up to Rs.1490 nett. Category 1 consists of salads and starters (such as fish skewers); category 2 is the mains (to name a few, the Manhattan fish and chips, Flaming cheesy baked rice, Scallop Americano and the Grill glory dory); category 3 is a choice of sodas and lastly, category 4 encompasses desserts such as the cookie/citrus sundae, the super fruit crumble and the Manhattan mud pie. This deal has us o-FISH-ally running to make reservations so you’ll dolphinatley sea us there! (Okay, I’ll stop with the fish puns). 



Paan Paan

Their theme this Ramadan is “Some things are best shared together” and they sure are living up to their words, by offering you a great short-eats box at Rs.350 per pack consisting of a range of 4 different bites per box (such as chicken/fish rolls, tuna patties, Punjabi samosas, vegetable puffs, chicken/fish buns, potato patties and chocolate/coffee éclairs) as well as porridge and dates and they will be switching up their menu each day.

They also offer a healthy version for all you lean beans out there at Rs.480 and as usual consists of 4 eats per box such as, brown bread sandwiches (tandoori or BBQ chicken) spicy chapatti wraps, tuna patties, vegetable puffs and as a cheeky treat, a coffee or chocolate éclair per box. These too will be switched up daily and will also be served with porridge and dates.

 (Note: these boxes are available only for a minimum order of 10 boxes)

Share your Paan Paan boxes on Instagram and Facebook with the hash tags #YourRamadanFavourites and #ShareTogether



The t-lounge by Dilmah

They have concocted their very own “tea inspired menu” this Ramadan, which encompasses a Spicy chicken masala potato wrap, Kunafeh, and for drinks they have a tea inspired Piyush as well as a Rose and French vanilla t-Faluda.




Not an Ifthar buffet or anything, but This Ramadan they’ve introduced two limited edition drinks (“Dream date” and “Halwa with pistachio”) because Faluda is out and bubble tea is in! So for all you sweet tooth’s out there, these sound like a satisfying Post-Tarawih treat!



Tip: also check out Panaash for some great Samosas that you can also buy frozen and can later fry up at home (did someone say domestic goddess?); they also have a selection of sweets and other knick knacks such as Jalebi and Faluda (I lied earlier, when I said Faluda is out; how can Faluda ever be out?!?). 

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