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Sandwiches by Cafe Noir

Written by Zainab Faizal • Written 10 months ago

This is a formal announcement to every living being present in this country - things are about to change (the good change, not a tablet ban on air change) and you're only going to be left excited and inspired once you're done reading this!


Let me cut to the chase instead of what we typical Lankans do - beat around the bush.  You see for the past century or so lunch or breakfast in the majority of Sri Lankan household consisted of rice. It can be in different variety of grains to the infinite amount of curry to accompany it with. Not saying eating rice is a bad thing, because we all do and it can be very filling and delicious when your mum or wife makes it with love (or yourself, as long as you don't burn down the kitchen).


What happens is when you're a working individual, with an insanely busy schedule and when it's lunch or breakfast you run to the nearest convenience shop and grab whatever that's available there to fill the void. Yes I'm talking about a day old fish bun for breakfast or a rice packet that costed you around 200-400 bucks with oil and salt that can kill you faster than a cigarette.


Now Cafe Noir the fanciest Parisian bistro style cafe down Palawatte, taking all this into consideration have launched a range of gourmet sandwiches priced between 350 - 400LKR.


With international ingredients and choice of bread we come across extremely filling sandwiches that's perfect for breakfast or lunch on the go.


They've got 9 different flavors as of now and here's what we thought:


Cajun Chicken, Lettuce, Grilled Chicken Pesto

This being our second favorite due to the jam pack of flavor! A combo with both Cajun and grilled chicken pesto gives you the best of both world and a bubbling pot of FLAVOR. The meat was marinated in the most delicious Cajun seasoning, screaming of garlic, paprika, oregano and thyme. Although it can be a lot to take in, the sandwich is really rich and can get a little salty with all the spices. The grilled chicken was in small quantities with a slight pesto flavor - the lettuce gives a neutral feel to the sandwich along with the white bread.

Tip - reduce the saltiness by a notch and we're good!


Roasted Vegetable Sandwich

This delight would practically blow your mind with the meaty vegetables and it's all vegetarian! The vegetables sautéed in slight salt and pepper and slightly roasted since it gives you a smoky flavor. We absolutely loved the fact that it had shiitake mushrooms and zucchini - two of the highlights within the sandwich bringing you a healthy yet delicious as sin vegetable delight.


Sri Lankan Spicy Polos sandwich

Being Lankan means you can't get enough of polos. From the exotic way the locals spice things up with this, only makes you want to give Cafe Noir a shot. This sandwich is with a pulled polos cooked finely with local spices giving you that zing and oomph when you bite into it with the thick cheese they've generously slathered on as cheddar slices giving you a salty touch. Perfect for your lunch if you're feeling a little Lankan and miss proper polos!


Home Style Chicken Sandwich

If you're on the lookout for something basic and neutral, giving you the nostalgic feel of how your mum tends to make a chicken sandwich at home - then this it for you. The fact that little chicken chunks are cooked in slight spices, not too overpowering, bringing to you the natural flavor of the meat. Once again layered with lettuce and this time with soft brown bread and that complimented the filling.


Caramelized Onion with Mushroom Sandwich

When you open up the package you'd get a nice whiff of what you'd say seeni sambol - which in a fancy term you call it caramelized onions without Maldive fish of course. But instead of the typical onion filling you also get chunks of mushrooms with every bite giving it an almost sautéed mushroom vibe. The filling works so well with the cheddar slices (get it heated up and you won't regret it)


BLT Sandwich

Your original bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwich! Nothing to complain here or nothing missing - it was so fresh and we enjoyed the quirky, tangy flavor of the tomatoes and the fresh chicken bacon when munched together. Not very heavy and wouldn't make you feel uncomfortable with the meal, works perfectly well! The best part was that the bacon wasn't fried to a hard crisp but was just right.


Tuna Mayo with Cucumber Sandwich

Not your average tuna mayo for sure. We found that the tuna was practically fresh fish and we still got the strong vibe of the fish, which maybe pleasing for certain palates. It would be great if there was more mayo mixed into the fish, cutting out the strong fishy hum. However the cucumber gives you the sudden freshness and coolness.

Tip - cut the cucumber into mini chunks and mix into the tuna instead of the long slices that makes it quite uncomfortable to bite into.


Grilled Chicken Pesto with Sun Dried Tomato

This is NUMBER ONE! Doesn't reading the name of the dish literally make you go crazy?! The chicken was incredibly flavored with the basil infused pesto sauce, screaming of Italian! We enjoyed how the sun dried tomatoes gave that extra kick with every bite, making your tastebuds go a little cray! The fact that this sandwich is actually 350/- - 400/- is miraculous considering the cost of the ingredients!


Honey Glaze Ham with English Mustard

If you're in the mood for something subtle and sweet and really low key - this shall do. A honey glaze ham, giving you a slight sweet flavor with a tinge of the mustard that's quite subtle. It wasn't a favorite, but for a light consumer, who loves this would enjoy it nevertheless!


Price Range

The sandwiches ranged from 350 - 400/- which is pretty decent for a daily occurrence compared to a basic rice packet that'll leave you uncomfortable and unhealthy with the oil and calories. Plus in comparison to other restaurants and cafes serving gourmet sandwiches this is far more affordable!



The sandwiches were presented in a sleek black sandwich packet. The pack has a name tag with the name and a few of the main ingredients, making it guest friendly. If required to dine in, they can heat it up and serve in their noir plates.



The staff are the best part I would say with the level of courtesy and knowledge of the menu. They are always up and about to help you out from everything.



If you want to change your lifestyle at an affordable price, that'll be both healthy and delicious - then make this switch. It's an investment for your future! And the best part is that we heard there might be outlets opening up in highly commercialized areas to cater better! For now, head over to Cafe Noir for these delicious goodies along with a whole range of other beverages, food and artisan coffee.


Please Note: All meats are Halal and no pork is used in Cafe Noir. 

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