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Subway Rajagiriya Launch & a Surprise Sub

Written by Sarah Faisal • Written 8 months ago

Subway is a brand that has effortlessly perfected its 'taste to health' ratio and have gained a massive amount of avid fans over the years, in the process.

When they decided to launch their first outlet on our sunny little island, health-conscious fans lined in front of their doors to see what the fuss was all about.

With consistency in quality and service, they are definitely one of the fastest growing food chains in the city. They have now opened their newest outlet in Rajagiriya, and we were absolutely certain that it was going to be a hit!

Eat had the privilege of being invited to the press launch of the Rajagiriya branch and, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! They had a couple of surprises in store for us, that you will realize, as you progress through this article.

Being the world’s largest QSR brand with over 45,000 restaurants worldwide, the brand ‘’Subway’’ always reflects a sense of humbleness and customer orientation, which enables its customers to proudly associate themselves with the brand (make way because the marketer in me is kicking in! ).

Despite being in the ‘’I’m a cool fitness freak’’ starter pack, Subway definitely offers people the healthy and tasty way out, while relieving you of the guilt in eating fast food, without having to be constantly worried about what’s happening to your internal organs and counting calories at the back of your mind. Subway leaves you guilt free and ensures that you are stuffed by the time you are done with your sandwich.

The Rajagiriya branch, like all of its other branches, meets an international standard in terms of interior and ambience, while also having an outdoor dining section overlooking the lake. 

Subway is indeed customer oriented, and the chairman and CEO Nathan Wills says ‘’Subway is all about customization, we want to give the choice back to the customer and that’s what makes us unique."

I'm sure, most of you will agree that an easy and convenient process of being able to customize your own sandwich definitely takes the icing on the cake!

Coming to the surprise that was previously mentioned at the beginning (drum roll please),  Subway has decided to introduce  A NEW LIMITED EDTION SANDWICH CALLED 'MUTTON KOFTA’' AND A NEW SAUCE 'GARLIC AIOLI’.

This is a limited edition and will only be in stores for 3 months and given what an avid fan I am of mutton, this was definitely up my alley, so please excuse the hysterical outburst!

During the launch, the CEO also announced that they have big plans for Sri Lanka and that very soon, Subway will be opening more branches island wide and are hoping to do this by franchising, while providing strong support and training to all their franchisees. The CEO strongly believes in his team and we wish them the very best of luck!

The mutton kofta will be available in all subway outlets from Friday, and we were lucky enough to be one of the first in the country to try it out.

I went with a fairly simple sandwich : Italian bread, mutton kofta and cheddar cheese with garlic aioli. The infusion of a large variety of ingredients tends to prevent you from obtaining the maximum taste from the mutton kofta and garlic aioli so in order to ensure that the taste wouldn't be diluted, I decided to go with the old saying 'less is more' .

As usual, Subway was generous with the filling and the mutton kofta had 3 large pieces of mutton, that lavishly covered the entire 6’’ sub. The mutton kofta was slightly softer than your average kofta, yet the flavor was on point. You bite down through layers of punchy flavours, all the while ensuring that the seasoning wasn't too overpowering. The mutton proved to be delicate and tender and made it kind of melt in your mouth. The addition of the garlic aioli, that was splattered on top, elevated the dish in terms of taste.

If you like your sub with meat that you would like to munch on for more than 7 seconds, this might not be the one for you ( Yeah, I'm looking at all you meaty carnivores out there!).

They will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the week from 7th of June onwards. Subway also takes pride in whipping up their Signature platters, as well as offering catering services that will be provided at Rajagiriya.

Being the social responsible brand that they are, Subway has partnered with Room to Read, which is an organization that aims to help children in low income countries by focusing on literacy skills, life skills and gender equality in education. 

At the launch, Nathan Wills also presented a cheque of Rs 30,000 in donation for this noble cause.

With a massive loyal customer base, both globally and locally, along with the provision of customization services, catered to satisfy the local palate, we know they are going to go a long way in Sri Lanka. 

We wish them the very best and are eagerly awaiting to see if they remain consistent, in terms of quality and service at the Rajagiriya branch, we're keeping our fingers crossed for them!

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