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Taco Bell (First Look)

Written by Dinul Hettiarachchi • Written 6 months ago

Kindly note that the prices and names of the dishes have not been noted as the finalized menu is not up yet at Taco Bell.

Have you heard? Have you heard? Everyone is 'taco-ing' about it: Taco Bell has arrived in Sri Lanka! Although it's not open to the public yet, we got an exclusive sneak peek at what to expect and you, as our readers get the VIP scoop on what sort of experience you'll get there.

Mr Amar Raj Singh, the Managing Director of Gamma Pizzakraft Lanka, spoke of a few items such as the crispy fish tacos and the rice bowl being introduced especially with the Sri Lankan customer base in mind; plus a refreshing passion fruit mojito (though it tasted more like a lime mojito lacking that strong punch) to complement the food!

According to him, it has taken 10 months for the brand to come to Sri Lanka ever since he met with the heads of the franchise in USA as they aim to deliver the best Taco Bell experience possible. From our further conversations with him, it was also revealed that the workers had been trained in India at the Taco Bell outlets there and he also assured us that the quality will not regress since the Taco-assembling process is like an assembly line; each worker places a pre-determined quantity of ingredients so the outcome really is this magical taco that has the whole town 'taco-ing'! With plans for a drive through in the near future, this place is bound to be one of our favorite go-to fast food joints in town!


Crunchy Tacos

*details on fillings will be made available in the final review*

The tacos are of an appropriate size and the crunchiness adds an element of fun to the experience; though it does not enhance the flavours of the filling, it does give it a good base and hey, naked fillings (i.e when the filling is served without the taco shell) are nothing to 'taco-bout' (finally got the pun right)!

We highly recommend the hot sauce with this (which is a mildly spicy sauce given in a sachet) to really complement the filling (while also giving you that authentic Mexican experience).


Large and fulfilling, this will fill any void in you (even that void left behind after a heartbreak). The bread is the perfect thickness to allow the juices of the filling to really be absorbed before tantalizing your tastebuds.

Note: We highly recommend the fire sauce with this!


Crispy Chicken Strips

This has the right amount of spiciness for your average tastebuds but typical Sri Lankan tastebuds may crave a bit more heat (just go ahead and add more fire sauce)! They had the perfect crunch with every bite and the meat was cooked to the extent where it was not too soft nor too hard to bite into; however, make sure to eat this while it's hot as it tends to harden with time.


Mexican Fries

Although flavour-wise it really impressed me with the delicate seasoning of spices which boasted Mexican flavours, I found the fries to be a bit soggy (however it does go well with the other food without disrupting the flavours of the other dishes nor interfering with the textures).



Finally, a good spot in Colombo that serves some killer nachos! Loaded with all that cheesy goodness and topped off with some salsa, these nachos will keep you going back for more. Surprisingly, the overload of cheese did not make the nacho chips too soggy either!


Passion Mojito and Strawberry Mojito

These were equally refreshing and were both virgin drinks (obviously)! The Strawberry Mojito is for people craving a sweet palate cleanser while the Passion Mojito is for those craving a small punch (since it had a strong lime taste rather than the sweetness of the passion fruit).

Interior and Ambience

Loud music along with the rustic elements of the walls create a laid back, party-like atmosphere. With more additions along the way, something you can look forward to is their local culture inspired wall art made up of Tacos and 'Yaka' faces!


Since this was a special pre-launch event for the media, the staff were working tirelessly to accommodate all our questions about the dishes and they were friendly as well as energetic. Let's just hope that this up beat service continues and lives up to Taco Bell's international standards.



One of our favourite aspects of the experience was the presentation simply because of its simplicity. Food was served on top of brown Taco Bell papers along with a plastic holder and a metal tray! It definitely sets the standard for a local Mexican restaurant serving some traditional tacos!


As this was just the exclusive media event, the menu was limited so we will keep you foodies posted in an upcoming review! Like Mr Amar Singh stated, it's all about 'Live Mas' at Taco Bell, that is, it's all about living large! So feel free to dine in (or drive through and take away) as many Mexican-inspired dishes as you want to - no one will judge you! It's 'nacho' average fast food joint, it's more!

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