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Tea Avenue - Tea Tasting

Written by Husein Esufally • Written 7 months ago

Celebrating 150 years of tea, Team EAT decided to attend the Tea Tasting Session of the Global Ceylon Tea Party at Tea Avenue. The aim of the event was to increase one's knowledge of the different types of tea produced. It’s safe to say that team EAT learned plen-tea!



Earl Grey (Black Tea) | Rs.400

Looking for a timeless classic? If so, this aromatic, bergamot blended tea will satisfy your craving. Tea Avenue’s Earl Grey tea is best had strong and black; adding any additional sugar or milk would lose the slight bitter kick at the end.

Yaara Tea / Pulled Tea (Milk Tea) | Rs.380

This type of tea is for those of you who can’t take a strong bitter tea and prefer a more mild and sweet rendition of it. Being the tea fan I am, I found the tea too milky; it becomes more watery and it seemed like the tea essence was disproportionate to the other ingredients hence reducing the milk quantity would give you a more natural experience.

Blackcurrant (Black Iced Tea) | Rs.480

The strong essence of the sweet blackcurrant and the bitter tea work cohesively gifting you a sweet tea to cool down on a hot, sweaty day. The best benefit of this tea was its ability to maintain a long sweet aftertaste leaving you refreshed for minutes after you finish.


Peach (Black Iced Tea) | Rs.480

Appearances can be deceiving - the tea may look very bitter, but is actually very sweet with a strong peach taste making the tea naturally sugary without the need to add excess sugar. However if you are a tea fan this may be a bit on the sweet side of things!

TIP: Stir the tea to combine the syrup for an enhanced taste.


Mint Chocolate (Green Tea) | Rs.400

Are you a fan of mint chocolate? Well this is the same thing - but a drink! Including the properties of a typical green tea, the addition of mint gives it a strong and alluring aroma providing you with a very min-tea experience. If you are not a fan of mint, this is not for you!


Mojito (Green Iced Tea) | Rs.450

A much sweeter rendition of a mojito with very slight hints of tea. Personally, the drink was overpowered by the carbonated drink giving the tea a very very diluted taste. I recommend adding a minimal amount of carbonated substances as the tea is very weak; it gets dominated easily.

Silver Tips (Premium Tea) | Rs.490

Know your tea? Try silver tips and find out. This gentle handmade white tea is only for those of you with a refined palette. The very subtle hints of pear and honey wont be picked up by most, but if you taste it, you'll find a whole new level of appreciation for tea! Not much to say about it; so much to experience!

TIP: Have this tea on its own, pairing it would tarnish its delicate taste



Terrific, Eclectic, Alluring… celebrating 150 years of tea with a bang, we at EAT implore you to treat yourself to a day full of herbal and fruity flavors at Tea Avenue. So grab a friend and your wallet and go to the venue that recreates old world charm with modern magic because you deserve a beau-tea-ful experience!

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