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Tea-Licious at Waters Edge

Written by Zainab Faizal • Written 10 months ago

By Zainab Faizal

Waters edge by far is the coolest five star hotel that comes up with even cooler events and food related festivals to brighten your life and social media! This time they had something incredible for everyone out there who enjoys their daily dose of sugar and high tea.

You guessed right, the Waters Edge in collaboration with Anchor brought to life - Tealicious! - A high tea with possibly the longest, biggest range of delicious desserts!

All desserts had used Anchor infused products, and the spread was quite delectable. If you're looking for a decent desertgasm - then this is definitely it. The best part about the buffet is that apart from the usual spread and the daily items they place during their high teas, this time they've taken it to a whole new level. Mini Stations of savoury items from around the world to a spread of dessert inspired savoury canapés (like a smoked donut) to so much more!

Waters Edge is blessed with Chef Nalin Hewage, who's the pastry chef and the star behind all the goodness we were able to gobble down in absolute pleasure! He's an award winning chef, and he's the gold medalist of making THE BEST macarons in the country and second best in the WORLD. (believe us when we say it is to die for)

We saw a spread that had both international recipes that had been altered in many ways - fusions of local favourites that been infused with tea to bring you a whole new perspective! Basic religions and macaroons, that's incorporated the element of Earl Grey to French Rose Vanilla tea etc.



The seating area was at the usual place where the weekly high tea occurs - furthermore, they've added seatings on the deck so you can enjoy the great atmosphere and the green golf grounds! With The Slipping Chairs playing in the background, things got exciting.



The staff were very friendly, and always eager to help out whenever possible. The fact that the buffet were indoors, meant there was the door that kept us from walking in and out, and they'd help you out when you've got your hands full!

Here's what you missed!




Chocolate Tart

I had to tell you about this because personally I'm a huge chocolate tart fan and when they cut me a slice of it, I almost lost it. The base was crumbly and with just the right amount of crispy that melts into your mouth leaving you in a hazy taste right after where the thick, creamy and dark chocolate filling explodes in your mouth. It looked insanely fabulous too with dollops of chocolate mousse around it and edible silver balls for that added touch!


Espresso Creme Brûlée

If you've still not tried out a creme brûlée then you're missing out on a lot. Unfortunately, this one did not live up to our expectations. A creme brûlée's crispy layer on top should crackle when the spoon hits it - this did not happen. Apart from that, the brûlée had a exceedingly smooth base which had an interesting after taste of the expresso which wasn't too overpowering - leaving you in a coffee fix!


Fruit Tart

They looked so mouthwatering and colourful! The tart crust did not crumble off like old dough and instead it held on perfectly and wasn't too hard either. We enjoyed the biscuity feel along with the fresh cut fruits and nuts in it. Grapes, pineapple, strawberry, papaya and kiwi among a sprinkle full of crushed cashew nuts - the zestful fruits and the crunch of the nuts along with the biscotti base was to die for.


French Ross Macarons

Finding good macarons in Sri Lanka can be a nightmare and they usually taste terrible. The ones here explain why they've won the best in the country! The French rose was the flavor of the tea from the Dilmah tea Range that has been infused into the macaron. The pink macarons were slightly crunchy on top and then you get the delicious gooeyness in the middle that's not too sweet but just the right amount of everything. Me talking about it would do injustice, so make sure you try them out if you ever head over to the Edge.

Apart from the above there was a range of other goodies from assorted macarons to religions, cupcakes, donuts, cakes and so much more!




Tandoori Chicken Sandwich

This was a basic tandoori sandwich and didn't have anything special about it. We can however appreciate the fact that it was so creamy and smooth that it was just melt in your mouth goodness!


Spicy Polos Open Sandwich

This was quite delightful bringing to the table a local favourite! We enjoyed how the sautéed polos was placed on slices of soft baguette giving it a fusion. With a dollop of cream we loved how the Sri Lankan spice hit your taste buds amongst the international flavour.


Savoury Crab Roll with Chilli Sauce

This was a mini spring roll covered in chilli sauce on the bottom along with a fresh crab filling. It was pretty subtle and we enjoyed how delicious it was!


Savoury Donut with Chicken Liver Mousse

If looks are deceiving then yes this is it - these were actual Savoury donuts along with a small spread of chicken liver mousse - once again flavours weren't very overpowering and the fried donut along with the creamy mousse was definitely a must try if you're a chicken liver fan!

Apart from the Canapés and Savouries, there were stations serving a few of the highlights of each country they had! From Sri Lanka - the mini fish patties to the egg and fish rolls, India - giving to you tandoori prawns in skewers to lamb Kathi rolls, Thai - seafood cake with lemon grass, vegetable spring rolls etc!



The buffet alone served up the usual tea/coffee range, iced coffee and a drink called Smooth Walker. Furthermore if you're looking for mock-tails and cocktails - they had a bar right outside serving up tea inspired drinks!


Smooth Walker

With quite an interesting name and with no alcohol this was quite fantastic. The tumbler has muddled orange, lemon, mint and soda giving you a fabulously fizzy Mojito! You can't get enough of it.

Berry Sensation

This was a mock-tail we ordered in separately which was filled with strawberry purée, a slight soda and berry syrup. Personally I found it extremely refreshing but also a little watery, regardless the thick strawberry purée was the best part and also the worst since it was too thick to suck on with a small straw.


The buffet was priced at 2500/- all inclusive for adults and 1500/- for children between (6-12) and all those below 6, eats free!


What we thought?

We enjoyed the good food and drinks and found the price to be absolutely worth every penny! The view was magnificent with the greens, the great seating arrangements to suit your mood and the live band that totally nailed the falsetto of your favourite pop anthem, was all so perfect throughout the evening. We found the spread to be of huge variety and bustling with flavour.


What to look forward to?

It is of-course sad to admit that Tea-licious wouldn't take place again, but you'd have their weekly high teas to look forward to! Like I mentioned earlier, there will be so many events to keep your eyes open for and we'd make sure you'd be aware! 

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