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The Panaash Pani Puri Fiesta

Written by Haleema Nazar • Written 9 months ago

The Pani Puri Fiesta is hosted by a charming little shop called Panaash, located down Havelock Road and is generally run fortnightly. It is a hidden gem, sitting among busy retail shops and small food joints.

Panaash mainly specialises in mouthwatering Indian delicacies, assorted faludas, imported groceries, mixtures and a wide array of savouries. Their motto is 'Delighting your taste-buds' and they have successfully stayed true to their name ever since opening their doors to the public.


Given what an ardent fan I am of anything puri related, I was eagerly awaiting to see if Panaash would deliver and boy, was I glad that I chose to drop in!


Pani Puri | Rs.220 per portion

Pani Puri is considered a common street snack in India and are essentially fried puffy pastry balls filled with spiced mashed potatoes, tamarind chutney and a mixture of flavored water. Adhering to the Indian tradition, each ball is customarily meant to be eaten in one-go, in order to ensure that a true chaat experience is attained.


The Pani puri that was served to us was a close second to the ones that you would receive in India. These crisp little delights were packed with strong and sharp pungent flavours and every mouthful was a refreshing treat that tingled our taste-buds. Right from the spice derived from the potatoes to the tangy zest from the tamarind chutney and flavoured water, we were impressed at their ability of successfully obtaining the perfect balance between such delicate ingredients.


Three portions please, and I'll be well on my way!



Dahi Puri | Rs.220 per portion

Similar to the Pani puri concept with a few minor differences, the round puri shell is broken on top and  partially filled with the main stuffing of mashed potatoes, a small amount of chilli powder and  a pinch of salt. Sweet tamarind and spicy green chutney are then added into the shell, on top of the stuffing and finally, sweetened beaten yoghurt is generously poured over the shell, and the finished product is garnished with sprinklings of crushed sev (small pieces of crunchy noddles) and finely chopped coriander leaves. 

Unfortunately, the Dahi puri we received at Panash consisted of yogurt that was overwhelming too sweet and as a result, it ended up overpowering the rest of the ingredients in the process. Possibly taking the sugar level down a notch or two will undoubtedly leave the desired aftertaste that a Dahi puri is notoriously famous for.



Not only are they in the business of hosting events such as the Pani puri fiesta, they have also introduced weekly events such as the Crispy Jelabee with Fresh Cream Day and Mogul Style Chicken Biriyani on a weekly basis. Given their well established reputation for dishing up some of the best Indian delicacies, we have no doubt that we will hearing a lot more from them and we can't wait to see what else they have in store for us!


So mark your calendars good folks of Sri-Lanka and make your way down to Panaash for all their upcoming events! 

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