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The T-Lounge by Dilmah (New Menu)

Written by Yasali Liyanage • Written 8 months ago

Peter Kuruvita and The T-lounge by Dilmah added a couple of new tea - inspired items to their menu. We were pleasantly surprised by some of the combinations in these new creations. The T-lounge offers a wide range of the finest teas from around Sri Lanka, and in the menu, you will find the best choice of tea to go along with every food item.

They put in special effort to keep coming up with new and creative dishes every three months; they also change the welcome drink every month! This time we were served a beautifully chilled vanilla tea with soy milk- we loved it!

We adored every T-experience from beginning to end and here's what we tried:



The welcome drink- vanilla tea with soy milk -Pure delight.


Mango Iced Tea | Rs.350

When you think of ice-tea, you think simply of cold tea with a flavoured sugar syrup, but not this one from the ifthar menu. This ice tea was made with fresh mango juice and a   generous amount of mint, in addition to the Moroccan mint tea; and yet the tea flavour was still pretty prominent with everything going on. It was beautifully refreshing and went well with the rest of our dishes.


Tea Inspired Piyush | Rs. 390

Piyush is a milk based drink originated in India topped off with saffron. Here, cinnamon spice tea is infused into the yoghurt. This feels very mild and light when drinking, but once you've gulped down an entire glass of piyush, you'll feel quite stuffed! Usually curd or yogurt can be a little overpowering when combined with something as mild as tea but we got a nice subtle tea flavour making it's way through in this thick drink.



Italian Classic Bruschetta | Rs.280

Fresh tomatoes and basil in a balsamic vinegar dressing laying on top of a very crunchy slice of french baguette. This bruschetta is very fresh, tangy, light and a serves as a great appetiser.


Sri Lankan Classic Taco | Rs. 520

Tacos! when we first saw this taco on the menu we were a little reluctant to try it. Stuffed inside a crispy tortilla was tuna 'ambul thiyal' with coconut sambol and brinjal 'moju' which is a fried eggplant pickle; topped off with cheese. When I took a bite into this, it felt like I was eating my mum's cooking-minus the rice, and our verdict changed. They serve the tacos with a coleslaw and a chilli sauce- and I found that combining all of them together is an absolutely heavenly harmony. These Sri Lankan tacos are bursting with flavour and we absolutely loved it!


Thai Chicken Pizza | Rs.480

This pizza has a soft thick dough topped off with generous chunks of chicken marinated in Thai spices, coriander leaves, onion slices and cheese. This was very filling and worth its spend and it reminded us of the pizza all of us have tried down at Pizza Hut. Overall it was not too spicy and the flavour of coriander was not overpowering. 


Lamb Kofta Burger | Rs.640

This grilled lamb kofta seasoned with Italian almond tea and along with a tangy tzatziki was the actual bomb! It was so good, that I just got lost in a world of Middle Eastern fusion. The fact that the meat was so fresh, juicy and FULL of flavour made it STUNNING! The tea infused hummus, I mistook for a mint chutney wasn't grainy and hard to eat at all - it felt like the perfect sauce to go with the whole experience. Hands down, one of the best in town!



Chocolate Sin | Rs.360

This was indeed sinfully delicious! Absolute heaven for any chocolate lover- you wouldn't feel or want to share. (Like Zainab for instance). The chocolate mousse is one of the best we have had; it was perfectly in the middle of being light yet rich, and had the perfect density. It was incredibly soft and chocolatey- and not overly sweet. The little chocolate crumble you get in between the smooth, milky chocolate ice-cream elevates the dessert just a little more and gives it that crunch factor, balancing it all to perfection.


T-misu | Rs. 380

I was left speechless when my fellow reviewer asked me how this tiramisu tasted- because I was stuck in tiramisu heaven for a while. I indulged in this amazing dessert that consisted of biscuits soaked in Italian almond tea, tea infused cream, white chocolate and mascarpone cream. This tiramisu was so smooth and creamy, where you can really get the hint of tea that is soaked in the biscuits - a definite winner!



The items were placed beautifully on white ceramic plates. We loved how all the dishes had their infamous Thai chilli sauce that was spot on and a side of salad. Although the taco was a delicious item, we found the plate to be a little too large for two taco shells!


Interior and Ambiance

The T-lounge on Chatham Street has an incredibly unique ambiance and interior. Through the small entrance, you step into a beautifully furnished loft-like space complete with industrial lights with a subtle rustic yet modern vibe- totally Instagram worthy!

The staff was so friendly, and they always came to us with a big smile on their faces. As it was raining they quickly offered umbrellas and answered any question we had about the dishes and the location without any hesitation.



We definitely did not have any complaints whatsoever regarding the service, and the presentation of the dishes were quite good too. Staff immediately removes empty dishes from the table and service time is quick and the food comes to the table hot and fresh.



Kudos to Peter Kuruvita for coming up with such a beautiful T-inspired array of dishes. If there's someone who does not like tea, take them to t-lounge by Dilmah, and we are sure a dish or two from their menu will change minds. Tea is a major part of Sri Lanka and we love how T-lounge takes both local and international tea to an exceptionally gourmet level throughout their dishes. Hands down, there is no better place to enjoy the vast varieties of tea blends than the T-lounge by Dilmah.

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