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Website Launch Of FLOW by Hilton Colombo Residences

Written by Haleema Nazar • Written 9 months ago

Previously known as Union Bar and Grill, The Hilton Residencies have transformed one of their reputed restaurants and vamped it up further by giving it a bold new name and an extensive new menu, whipping up dishes fused to combine different cuisines from different parts of the world into a single eating experience. 

Flow has been in operation for almost two years now and have already gained a massive amount of recognition for being the only restaurant to successfully  have in place five open kitchens  representing five different cuisines, leaving room for meals to be customized as a result.

After word hit the streets that Flow was hosting a little party for the launch of their website, it didn't take us long to make an appearance.


Walking in, we were instantly greeted with warm smiles and welcoming handshakes. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, we were escorted to our seats where we sat patiently , accompanied with a variety of fresh juices that was brought to us by a waiter from time to time. 


Roughly about half an hour later, the launch kicked off with head representatives each taking turns to elaborate in detail about the new changes put in place due to the upgrade of their website as the old one was slightly outdated and inactive, creating less awareness to the public as a result.

They specifically pointed out that the goal was to ensure that it proved to be user friendly and not too complex, none of that technical jargon mumbo-jumbo nonsense for those technologically challenged people, such as myself, out there.


Initially, they touched on the buffet that they ensure is in place all day, offering dishes exceeding over 77 varieties, each representing the five different cuisines, which are essentially Japanese, Italian, India, Chinese and Sri-Lankan.


The website creates a quick method of reserving seats, creating less hassle in the process by enabling potential customers to book seats at the touch of their fingers, guaranteeing secured spots for the buffet.


The brunch buffet was highly recommended due to the addition of facilities such as live music, free WiFi, easy access to the pool for both adults and children, as well as the provision of recreational activities and games for the little ones. Not only would the brunch menu consist of dishes surpassing 100 varieties, a limited buffet will be catered to just the children.

A fun and play kids corner has also been introduced where parents are permitted to sign up their children under the age of twelve to clinch special discounts for children on their birthdays as well as enjoy free access to parties and movie tickets organized by Flow. 

It was estimated that over 75 children have already been registered and they are expecting this figure to drastically increase in the coming months.


We were also provided insight on a new concept newly introduced, better known as the 'Chef's Table' , which essentially offers customers an exquisite private dining room, where courses are prepared by an Executive Sous Chef and meticulously plated to absolute perfection, enabling customers to effortlessly personalize their desired meals and also obtain front row seats to where food is prepared by skilled chefs in a whirl of flashing blades and flaming grills.

This type of atmosphere is better suited for intimate gatherings either with a loved one or family, as well as for corporate meetings. 

So if you're saving up for a special occasion, you know just where to pop in!


However, if you're not a heavy eater and a buffet isn't necessarily your first preferred choice, rest assured as Flow offers an A la carte menu where diners are spoilt for choice, offering an ample amount of courses where diners are  given the opportunity to choose to their own liking from a fusion of the five authentic cuisines.  


Hilton takes massive pride in their loyalty programs and offer special benefits to all those that sign up with them where members are handsomely rewarded with redeemable points that can be acquired by dining in at Flow or hanging out at Basico. 

For every $25, members are handed 500 points that can be accumulated over a period of time and redeemed at any point of time for either shopping purposes at Hilton Honors shopping malls, right through to enjoying free dining meals or booking rooms in over 4900 properties across 107 countries worldwide! Yes, read that again and soak it in slowly, the figures are accurate and have in no way being fabricated.


They concluded by briefing us about their well established ties with certain banks like Standard Chartered Bank where special discounts such as a 25% savings  will be applicable on all dinner buffets and Sunday brunch valid for Standard Chartered Credit card holders for a certain period of time.


With that conclusion, we were then graciously led to the dining room and invited to help ourselves to a delicious spread where the five different cuisines were neatly partitioned, avoiding any inconvenient obstruction that might be caused. 

It truly was a feast for the eyes, right from selection of assorted  salads to the selection of main courses and finally to mouthwatering desserts. 


The cold starters comprising of salads paired beautifully well with the warmth induced from the creamy spinach soup and freshly homemade buns. They were all refreshing, well seasoned and majority of them produced a lovely crunch due to the freshly cut vegetables.

The salad bar also had a live work station where you could personalize your own salad with any additions or reductions of ingredients.

The Japanese counter covered a wide array of sushi that instantly transformed us into ardent fans after one mouthful. The rice was cooked to perfection and the choice of tuna proved to be the ideal accompaniment for it. 

There were a few slices of sashimi on the counter as well, that were skillfully cut very finely but were fairly mediocre in terms of taste.


At the Italian counter, we were given the option to choose between a particular type of pasta, meat and sauce, that a chef prepared in front of us in a mere amount of minutes. The pasta was silky smooth and the white sauce was ridiculously rich in cream. Mozzarella cheese was generously splattered on top, not only uplifting the dish in terms of taste but in presentation as well. 


The Sri-Lankan and Indian cuisines were slightly alike with spicy fiery curries bursting with flavours accompanied with lovely crisp hoppers, soft white string hoppers and buttery naan. If you're ever in the vicinity, make sure to give their egg hoppers a try, you'll be thanking us later!


The Chinese counter mainly consisted of dumplings that we were unable to try unfortunately, as we were stuffed due to the mighty spread that is offered by Flow but we intend on coming back for them on our next visit. 


Despite our full stomachs, we managed to save room for dessert. They were all lined up neatly and carefully plated beautifully, Instagram worthy which instantly made us reach out for our phones before reaching out for our cutlery. 

I had my eye on the ice-cream kottu from the get-go and as the chef was preparing it, my mouth was salivating as it was indeed an appealing sight for sore eyes. I was given the option to customize it so I opted for a mix of nuts, crisp cornflakes and coco crunch, a hint of coffee and coconut rocks, better known as pol toffee to be added into the chocolate ice-cream. This combination was highly recommended by a staff member and I fully understood why after a bite. It was jam packed with sharp and strong  flavours and the occasional crunch was the cherry on top!


We were thoroughly impressed with level of professionalism that was maintained by the staff, even taking the time to check up on us from time to time and ensuring that we had a pleasant dining experience. Their warming hospitality  and delectable courses have not only tickled our taste-buds but have victoriously taken us on an exciting journey across the globe.

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