With Eid around the corner, there’s always a hustle and bustle of aunties trying to find a decent place that takes orders for the annual feast to be shared with the family. We’ve decided t..
Looking to score some Thathi points? Here’s a list of places that are having brunch and dinner for Fathers day this year, in addition to some other places that are offering a bunch of goodies fo..
Ceylon City hotel has been an old favourite when it comes to their annual Ifthar offers, as well as catching a quality meal that doesn’t hurt the purse strings. We decided to head on over and se..
Subway is a brand that has effortlessly perfected its 'taste to health' ratio and have gained a massive amount of avid fans over the years, in the process. When they decided to launch their..
Cafe Noir has been in the coffee biz for a while now, and while they take Sri Lanka by a storm, they've got a brand new range of items that's bound to blow your mind.  Mornings in CMB ..
Greek yogurt has a very low percentage of fat and is a great item for those who are calorie and health conscious to consume. The jars of Greek yogurt at cafe Noir contains enough greek yoghurt for ..
Ifthars in Colombo Part 1: Click here   Guess who’s back, back again, guess who’s back, tell a friend (to bring samosas) - because here is a second  list compromising ..
Peter Kuruvita and The T-lounge by Dilmah added a couple of new tea - inspired items to their menu. We were pleasantly surprised by some of the combinations in these new creations. The T-lounge offers..
Cioconat Lounge offers a wide range of different cuisines, all under one roof. Intrigued by their ifthar menu, we decided to head on over and give their buffet a go.  At Rs.1550, this buffet did ..
Paan Paan has never failed to satisfy and surprise us with their fabulous Grill restuarant to the incredible baked goodies from their artisan breads, savories and sweets! Having visited their Grill re..
The Waters Edge Colombo in collaboration with Pelwatte dairy kicked off with season two on the 21st of May At The View right on the premise of Waters Edge!   This cook off is held every yea..
We had the privilege of attending the opening of a new craze in the world of Japanese food, right here in Colombo; the Teppanyaki station at Ginza! As exquisite as Japanese food may already be, Teppan..
Ifthars in Colombo Part 2: Click here   When you start hearing the words “Ramadan Mubarak!” or “Ramadan Kareem” (which is the greeting generally used to wish on..
Although everyday is Mothers Day, it's not everyday you can afford fancy brunches. So let's go with the mainstream, money making holiday to treat our amazing mothers out there! (Note the sarca..
Previously known as Union Bar and Grill, The Hilton Residencies have transformed one of their reputed restaurants and vamped it up further by giving it a bold new name and an extensive ..
Note: Since this was a tasting we only got mini portions - therefore portions are a lot larger than in images for the price quoted   Inspired by the historical importance of the loca..
Everyday I scroll my Instagram like a religion, praying that at least one of these days the fancy food outlets in CMB would come up with something mind-blowingly amazing. Luckily for me, I got Tea ..
The Pani Puri Fiesta is hosted by a charming little shop called Panaash, located down Havelock Road and is generally run fortnightly. It is a hidden gem, sitting among busy retail shops and small food..
Peter Rabbit has come to Waters Edge this Easter celebrating Colombo's finest Easter Sunday brunch spread. From Peter Rabbit arriving in a helicopter, to the puppet show, a number of fun games for..
It's that time of the year once again, where the bunnies are given more importance than humans and it's all about families getting together enjoying a fabulous Easter spread in the welcoming a..
The moment we scroll down our Facebook news feed and came across the shiny new post for Subway’s introduction of cinnamon scrolls, it got our inner Cinnabon fan girl screaming for two reaso..
This is a formal announcement to every living being present in this country - things are about to change (the good change, not a tablet ban on air change) and you're only going to be left excited ..
By Zainab Faizal Waters edge by far is the coolest five star hotel that comes up with even cooler events and food related festivals to brighten your life and social media! This time they had someth..
We keep hearing about Bakes by Bella all the time. Her scrumptious dessert jars. Homemade Caramel Latte. The super-cute, petite cupcakes. But who’s this Bella? Who’s behind all these popul..
It was Christmas Eve and the break of dawn was celebrated with some real loud music at the Colombo Christmas Street. There was more energy last night than the commencement of this event. Wishing to..
Lights. Decorations. Carols. Carnivals and…Shopping! – Isn’t that what everyone loves about December? With Christmas just around the corner, we can feel the festivity spreading joy ..

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