f you're craving for ice cream, and if you want to try a few interesting flavours for a really good price - It's Jolly's!


As a final note, I would find myself coming here again simply to savour their range of breads to the lovely cinnamon rolls and iced teas. With prices pretty reasonable, and a decent spot to get some work done - the bread company can be your new favourite coffee stop! (Yes they do serve coffee too)


Angel cupcakes are guaranteed to have been sent from heaven. (See how ironic that is?). The little cupcake boutique, the gourmet cupcakes and the cakes they've got to offer is HUGE and pretty awesome. I'd stay put from the brownies, and definitely keep revisiting this blessing to hit Palawatte!


Butter Boutique got into our good books and we will definitely head back for their cinnamon rolls, tres leches and for my caffeine fix. The prices are fabulous for the giant slab of cake they give you and hey, you don't have to feel guilty about diving into your sweet pleasures in this cosy cafe! (Everyone's eating cake!)


Mitsis is a hidden pearl tucked away in a residential neighborhood that offers a fusion of different authentic cuisines using the freshest of ingredients, all served under one roof.  A fitting place that avails itself to those craving a sugar rush as their desserts are mind-bendingly, prejudice-shiftingly heavenly, as well as for those hankering a wholesome four-course meal. Given its location, quality of dining, classy decor and after years of excellent work, Mitsis has earned a loyal following and if you'd ask me, rightfully deserved so!


A & M is surely one of the best options for satisfying your sweet tooth. The are also one of the outlet that specialize in cupcakes.


We went with soaring-high expectations, hoping it would be exclusive in its offering, and it did not disappoint. Even though some could complain it is unusually expensive and is not the most cost-efficient way to gain a sugar rush, you have to keep in mind that quality  comes with a price.  Beard papa's deserves a spotlight for being an absolute delight for dessert fanatics where the cream puffs are bound to ensure that customers heartily enjoy their experience. The texture and flavour was beyond fault, kinda like that stomping one-liner that leaves you reeling at the end of a movie. Their cream puffs are the real deal, so do yourself a favour and head down to Beard papa's to see what they have to offer and you'll be thanking us later!

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