BBB has always been known for their “bespoke” Baker – Bella, along with her countless range of sweet items. We were surprised (and excited) to find out that Bella has sneaked an entire Brunch menu serving all day breakfast at the café!


We cannot emphasise enough how beautifully simple Blackbird Café is. From the black and yellow interiors to the lovely food and drink, it is a very homey little place that we will definitely visit again.


Finally we'd say we enjoyed the Tea Avenue breakfast spread and we'd definitely be coming back for the drinks and the pancakes!


All dishes were visually appetizing, naturally healthy and value for money. However, we'd love it if the more attention is paid to the final dish, especially what is served with the Eggs Benedict. If you are looking for something healthy, a laid back and relaxing restaurant vibe, Let’s Brunch is the place for you!


&Co still has a strong menu, range of well-executed dishes and use of the awesome colonial building it’s nestled into. Improvements on the dessert department and presentation would be advisable. The service is great and the seating space outside which is ideal if you want to chill out. This is clearly a place we would enjoy hanging


Our high hopes and expectations came crashing down, when the food and drinks weren’t on par to the standards we expected. There is yet so much to improve on, and we’d cut some slack since it’s a newly opened café and we would love to re visit once they’ve got things sorted! 


The Asylum serves up an incredible feast for their brunch menu and you should definitely book your weekends for these! The flavours are simply divine and we enjoyed the infinite ingredients that are both gourmet and healthy which were incorporated to the dishes. Definitely heading back here!


Nutty bubble drinks and spicy paninis are what makes this bubble tea cafe stand out from the rest! Sipping on bubbles on an outdoor deck decorated with fairy lights is an experience this cafe promises along with some of the friendliest staff members. Don't trust me? Go and check it out for yourself. 


Over time, Sugar has definitely become my go-to place for good food and company because of their friendly staff and food that is well worth the price. I'd highly recommend it to anyone loitering about the ODEL Promenade. A typical meal for two may set you back by a couple of thousand rupees but a dessert as good as the churros may make you realize that money is nothing when you can indulge in comforting food any day, everyday. With the attractive lighting, dark and warm atmosphere, plus good raspy music, it’ll give you an appetite for seduction: So Bon Appétit baby *cue Katy Perry*

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