Bubble Tea


Bubbluscious at Arcade could be allowed a second chance based on the fact that they are new and are yet to be sturdy, but it's about time they pulled up their socks since the brand has been around for a while. Although the counter-shop doesn't have a relaxed atmosphere around it, the ideal location next to Independence Square might give you a chance to escape in to your own bliss with a drink full of boba.


Nutty bubble drinks and spicy paninis are what makes this bubble tea cafe stand out from the rest! Sipping on bubbles on an outdoor deck decorated with fairy lights is an experience this cafe promises along with some of the friendliest staff members. Don't trust me? Go and check it out for yourself. 


Mabroc's chocolate drinks are the new way of saying 'I like you' and you can wave bye to your mediocre chocolate bars. From interesting flavour combinations to a bubbly experience at the café, Mabroc has got it all and has taken precautionary measures to prevent you from making detrimental life choices (wrong bubble combinations)!

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