Speaking frankly we adored AYU and the extensive range of dishes they had to offer. We loved the concept, and how all the dishes were intact together but rather in different serving stations. The fact that it was far apart made us work our lazy bums to the relevant areas - great workout! It would also be great if they focused on giving a little description on items with foreign names


Gone are the days where you get crazy excited over the "village experience" to taste "authentic" Sri Lankan food.  Move over Nuga Gama, and every other "Gama" claiming to offer you the ultimate Sri Lankan experience - it's time to show y'all who's the real star in town.


From the drinks to the appetizers to mains and the desserts, Silk Route delivered some stellar dishes and stayed true to their theme. We loved the flavours, textures and presentation of the dishes. We love how this place is ideal for a family dinner or a brunch with a couple of friends - this is also a good place to go on a date with your significant other. Their dishes aren't too pricey and we feel like the amount of food you receive for the price you spend is worth it. Even if you don't live in Malabe, you won't regret taking a little time to visit Silk Route for a filling meal that will have you leaving with a smile of contentment and coming back for more. 

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