Bubble Tea has certainly created a fad among Sri Lankan's in the past few months and still continues to be at the top of everyone’s favorite list. Located at the center of K-zone, Ja-Ela – Bubbluscious has taken initiative to add up to the places offering Bubble Tea.


To all the brownie lovers out there, what we’re going to say next will make sense in a spiritual level. We’re talking about a casual chic cafe serving solely BROWNIES!


Mabroc has an extensive menu from which you can choose both hot and cold drinks - be it milk based or tea based or slushes as well as the types of bubbles. The drink can be topped with tapioca, flavored popping bubbles and jellies! With friendly staff, a great ambiance and incredible prices, here's what we checked out!


Bubble Tea - We, Sri Lankans, have been going crazy over it since some time, haven't we? Offered exclusively at specific spots, Bubble Tea still has a fan following of its own. And this is why we, at EAT, have been hunting down all the places selling Bubble Tea. 


Definitely, we will be heading over here again! They've got great flavors in all their dishes and simply savored every bit of it. It's a perfect hangout spot and with ample parking space and an easy access location. We'd prefer more brownies in our sundae, though.


We enjoyed Paddington and what's there to say? You'd love it too! 


We loved Cioconut - that's all we have to say!


Have you seen the different hues that surround the sun while it sets down and welcomes the dusky sky? Of course you would have – but what’s the best place to witness that beauty in midst of the city hustle? Cloud Café – definitely ! This is what we experienced at the divine rooftop garden! -


Coffee Bean is on our list of places that we’ll drop by again at.


We loved BBB, everything about it felt absolutely right. Surely we hope they have a range of delicious iced teas too or anything cold apart from the caffeine fix. The prices can be argued to said a little on the pricey side but you'd soon realise that it was pretty much worth it since the food honestly compensate! I don't know about you, but if you're wise you'd definitely pop by!


On a final note, we must admit we're most certainly going to head over to Cafe Noir ever so often. We enjoyed every minute of it and with confidence can admit you won't find a coffee shop like this in the whole of Sri Lanka. Speaking to the dynamic and passionate 23 year old CEO, there's a lot in store for you! ( we shall keep you in suspense) 


Keeping it casual, we adored the Black Cat Cafe. Although on the pricey side, we found the food and drink completely worth the money especially since you cannot find such delicious goodness anywhere else in town. 

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