Although it was not one of our best dining experiences, they do serve some pretty remarkable dishes for which we will definitely come again. 


The Hot Butter Cuttlefish and Chili Crab were the highlight of our experience. They have a wide range of Chinese dishes and varieties in their menu. With the potential to become one of the best hangouts, the interior and ambience needs to be given serious attention. Lastly, do not judge a restaurant by their image, you may be surprised by what they can offer.


Apart from the challenge of the so called “raw fish” and the use of chopsticks, the fish is so fresh that it melts in your mouth. The dishes give out the authenticity of Japanese cuisine in a very Japanese setting. We loved how we became comfortable with the surrounding and the food. This place is a definite try if you want to challenge yourself with Japanese cuisine.  


Personally, I wish Momo's by Ruvi grows stronger and stronger. Wonderful people, delicious food and a hilarious backdrop. What more can you ask for? "I'm soy into you"


We can profoundly admit with the utmost confidence that Off the Hook are in for the long-run, whipping up exquisite seafood dishes in varied styles of cooking and ensuring that customers truly do obtain a unique seafood experience in the process. 


Lemongrass will continue to be one of my favourite Indian spots whenever I'm down in Pelawatte. The wonderfully executed dishes, the decent prices and convenient location gets this restaurant into our good books! 


Finally, it is safe to admit that if you ever find yourself at the Jack Tree, ask for recommendations from the manager or the waiters for they will not disappoint you (this is also for your own good, considering how the menu can confuse you). The place is alright, the food is decent but just go easy on your wallet. 

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