Fast Food


Simply saying – we loved Isso! They may have quite a few undetected minuses such as smaller portion of food for the price paid - yet overall they are two thumbs-up!  


As an emerging restaurant in Dehiwala, they seemed to be good at quality and value for money. It is a good stop for lunch as they have a variety to choose from. We hope they continue to prosper and we wish them luck!


We went with soaring-high expectations, hoping it would be exclusive in its offering, and it did not disappoint. Even though some could complain it is unusually expensive and is not the most cost-efficient way to gain a sugar rush, you have to keep in mind that quality  comes with a price.  Beard papa's deserves a spotlight for being an absolute delight for dessert fanatics where the cream puffs are bound to ensure that customers heartily enjoy their experience. The texture and flavour was beyond fault, kinda like that stomping one-liner that leaves you reeling at the end of a movie. Their cream puffs are the real deal, so do yourself a favour and head down to Beard papa's to see what they have to offer and you'll be thanking us later!


We had a pretty wonderful experience at the food station, friendly people, good food and good times. You will also start getting concerned about global warming while sitting here if you haven't started yet.


A little piece of Seoul located in Colombo is what KBQ is! From Western food with a Korean twist, to traditional Korean dishes, KBQ offers a good variety of somewhat 'flavourful' dishes. The interior (and exterior) may not appeal to those looking for an authentic Korean cuisine experience, but if a typical fast food joint environment will suffice your mood, do make sure to drop by for some of the best fried chicken dishes out there!


Colombo really needed an upsurge in Mexican cuisine, and it finally does. Not only does the restaurant serve authentic Mexican food, they take it a step further and give it a touch of class and casual elegance. With food made to order, Let’s Taco gifts you with the absolute freshest and premium quality Mexican cuisine. What’s more is the dishes are flexible - they can be shared or they can be just for YOU! It is a little on the pricy side but what’s too expensive when you get the best Mexican collations in town?


No need to merely taco-bout it any longer! Go there and check it out for yourself! From their famous tacos to the rarely-heard-of chalupas, Taco Bell promises to keep you wanting more from starters to desserts! If you've been looking for a fast food chain that doesn't welcome you with a red-nosed clown or a smiling old man, then Taco Bell is your calling! A mature and chic approach to a real culinary experience.

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