Ice Cream Parlour


We're super happy we now have a spot in Colombo to get delicious ice cream, waffles and pancakes! We'd love to see more stores popping up of course! (And the fruity blast needs a makeover for its name).


All those who live around Frosties are pretty lucky to get a decent place to find delicious rolled ice cream. But for people like us, we'd most probably reconsider before taking a complete trip all the way just for Frosties! (Open a branch in Colombo please)


We absolutely loved the Kulfi which was pretty much the highlight! They have a huge range and a very long menu, with so much to offer which is great and not since you're left in confusion trying to figure out what to choose! In short we're coming back - simply for the Kulfi!


Tropical bliss is a great spot to get a quick healthy juice or milkshake on the way to office or after gym, or if you are in the mood for something cold with a bit of an Indian twist to it, I highly recommend the Kesar ice cream.


Ice cream will always have a place in everyone's heart as being the standard food to binge on at any time of the day. If you want something more specific to satisfy your cravings, be it fruity, milky or chocolaty, Frosty Roll’s diverse menu is sure to meet your needs. The ice cream was a bit icy because it was on the ice pan for too long but correcting that requires practice, and with practice comes perfection.

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