Located in midst of the jammed hotels in Galle Road is yet another spot for your average lunch or dinner. The New Amirthaa Hotel is completely a vegetarian hotel where you get everything, well, except meat.


The delicacy biriyani is well known among every single Lankan, from the South to the North to every corner of the world! Chana's a restaurant that focuses solely on Indian food and Memon dishes from chaats to the Hyderabad biriyani - a popular rice dish in the North of India.


A satisfactory meal at a relaxing and quite spot, Saffrons could be your next stop when you have Pettah errands.


Indian Summer really did satisfy us with their extensive menu and the variety they had to offer. We must say – we loved how the dishes were well presented and didn’t lack on the authenticity. Indian Summer will continue to be a favorite.


All potions are twice as large as picture above for the price.


One thing Ceylon City Hotel needs to improve on is availability. We ordered so many dishes that were turned down since it wasn't available, and we found that to be a bummer especially with so much competition around. Apart from the decent food - interior and the level of ambience needs to improve ASAP.


Lemongrass maybe well known for their varieties of Indian and Thai rices and curries, but this experience was just below our expectations. There were many hits and misses, consistency really got the better of the night. Nevertheless, there were moments where we enjoyed the food from the biriyani to the tandoori meat and we hope to check this place out again, when it's not exactly a party!


We absolutely loved the Kulfi which was pretty much the highlight! They have a huge range and a very long menu, with so much to offer which is great and not since you're left in confusion trying to figure out what to choose! In short we're coming back - simply for the Kulfi!


It is still safe to admit that Shanmugas will continue being our favourite South Indian restaurant. It’s clean, delicious and reasonably priced in my opinion considering what they are offering in terms of hygiene and air-conditioned seating. Definitely heading back, whilst secretly praying they will improve on the chocolate dosai or simply take it off the menu. 


Lemongrass will continue to be one of my favourite Indian spots whenever I'm down in Pelawatte. The wonderfully executed dishes, the decent prices and convenient location gets this restaurant into our good books! 


Agra is the perfect place to start your obsession with Indian cuisine as both the dining environment and menu have been carefully curated to captivate its guests with the strong aromatic flavours of India through the artful creation of blended spices. It's here that they set the determinedly Indian tone, albeit with a contemporary view, offering guests an opportunity to grub in style and immerse themselves into a tasty, satisfying comfort food experience. Offering clean flavours with an emphasis on quality and freshness, it's pretty clear why Agra has had a good innings and still continues to do so. If you're ever in the vicinity and in need of a place to experience the essence of some downright delicious authentic Indian food, you know where to head!

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