Although Rocco’s is quite pricey and falls under the category of restaurants that you go to once in a while (or for a special treat), we’d definitely like to visit them again and try out the rest of their menu because I mean, who wouldn’t want to try out all 30 of their pizza toppings! They easily have some of the Italian dishes in town!


Harpo’s is definitely keeping up international standards and we are proud of them, affordable prices and high quality is definitely on of the best reasons to why you should check them out!


Hands down one of the best pizzerias in Colombo. What makes a pizza stand out is definitely the great dough and crust; Giovanni's has perfected theirs. We loved the little burnt bits in the crust that only a wood fired oven can achieve. This goes oh so well with the array of toppings they have to offer; both authentic toppings and creations of their own- nothing disappoints. You will definitely find yourself coming back for more. 


Why Domenico's? Because the quality of ingredients and service, was a superb choice. The freshness of the dishes and the creative combinations of vegetables, spices, and meats offered a unique dimension to the competitive Italian cuisine in Colombo and was inviting for another visit.  

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