We enjoyed Cafe Shaze, perhaps a little too much and we've fallen in love but we'd stay away from the mushroom soup!


Sri Lanka has recently been gaining popularity with the multiple cuisines they've got to offer. You no longer need to travel the distance to find a decent burger or tacos to basically anything! What we are aware of is that affordability and quality food always conflicts, but we were proven wrong at The Grill!  If you want fresh, gourmet ( and healthy! ) range of burgers to sandwiches and subs, you're bound to get some exciting flavors and fillings for a pretty decent price. 


Nutty bubble drinks and spicy paninis are what makes this bubble tea cafe stand out from the rest! Sipping on bubbles on an outdoor deck decorated with fairy lights is an experience this cafe promises along with some of the friendliest staff members. Don't trust me? Go and check it out for yourself. 

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