Tom Yum is a a Thai restaurant you should definitely give a shot if you haven't tried already. Although a little pricey, we personally found incredible flavor and quality in the food that compensated with the price!


Lemongrass maybe well known for their varieties of Indian and Thai rices and curries, but this experience was just below our expectations. There were many hits and misses, consistency really got the better of the night. Nevertheless, there were moments where we enjoyed the food from the biriyani to the tandoori meat and we hope to check this place out again, when it's not exactly a party!


We can profoundly admit with the utmost confidence that Off the Hook are in for the long-run, whipping up exquisite seafood dishes in varied styles of cooking and ensuring that customers truly do obtain a unique seafood experience in the process. 


Finally, it is safe to admit that if you ever find yourself at the Jack Tree, ask for recommendations from the manager or the waiters for they will not disappoint you (this is also for your own good, considering how the menu can confuse you). The place is alright, the food is decent but just go easy on your wallet. 

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