A bit over-priced, but then their portions are quite large enough for two. The Sizzles doesn’t necessarily fall under casual dining nor high-end restaurants; they are open to anyone! What more? We even had a chat with the man behind The Sizzles, Mr. Tushar and we were told that very soon they will be opening a sister restaurant at Dehiwala, with larger capacity and much more!


It is possibly the best place to have a birthday dinner. It has a great ambiance to it and great food to go with it. Cannot wait to try out the other dishes on the menu! (we could do with a little more fruit compote on the New York Cheesecake)


Although Rocco’s is quite pricey and falls under the category of restaurants that you go to once in a while (or for a special treat), we’d definitely like to visit them again and try out the rest of their menu because I mean, who wouldn’t want to try out all 30 of their pizza toppings! They easily have some of the Italian dishes in town!


All dishes were visually appetizing, naturally healthy and value for money. However, we'd love it if the more attention is paid to the final dish, especially what is served with the Eggs Benedict. If you are looking for something healthy, a laid back and relaxing restaurant vibe, Let’s Brunch is the place for you!


&Co still has a strong menu, range of well-executed dishes and use of the awesome colonial building it’s nestled into. Improvements on the dessert department and presentation would be advisable. The service is great and the seating space outside which is ideal if you want to chill out. This is clearly a place we would enjoy hanging




One thing Ceylon City Hotel needs to improve on is availability. We ordered so many dishes that were turned down since it wasn't available, and we found that to be a bummer especially with so much competition around. Apart from the decent food - interior and the level of ambience needs to improve ASAP.


We can profoundly admit with the utmost confidence that Off the Hook are in for the long-run, whipping up exquisite seafood dishes in varied styles of cooking and ensuring that customers truly do obtain a unique seafood experience in the process. 


The Barnesbury is the ultimate go to spot if you've got a heavy wallet and you want a decent time with family and friends! You're bound to enjoy time here, considering how relaxing and wonderful the whole experience is! 


May have referred to a few memes here and there, but there truly is no better place to crack open a cold one with the boys than at REPUBLK! The experienced mixologist and bartenders will have you craving for more of their cocktails (and shooters to say goodbye to your woes), while you relax in their urban-chic interior or the relaxing terrace as you enjoy a drink and some bites under the stars (and warm yellow light bulbs). The night is an adventure and it may take you anywhere, but start it off right at Re.pub.lk!


Over time, Sugar has definitely become my go-to place for good food and company because of their friendly staff and food that is well worth the price. I'd highly recommend it to anyone loitering about the ODEL Promenade. A typical meal for two may set you back by a couple of thousand rupees but a dessert as good as the churros may make you realize that money is nothing when you can indulge in comforting food any day, everyday. With the attractive lighting, dark and warm atmosphere, plus good raspy music, it’ll give you an appetite for seduction: So Bon Appétit baby *cue Katy Perry*


If you are looking to celebrate anything when in fort, this is a definite must-try place. With a diverse menu to satisfy all your cravings, Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café is sure to provide food that has a little theatre and fun even for you herbivores (vegetarians). So pick up your margaritas (juices for you young ones) and toast to an evening full of life, love and long meals!

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