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Our reviews are done both anonymously and non-anonymously. If our reviews are being done non-anonymously, we first contact the restaurant – however, when we stopover, we do not reveal that we are from

We pay for our food as well as accept free food – and it entirely depends on the restaurant being reviewed.

We would like to emphasise on the fact that our reviews are done with utmost integrity and our assessments are not influenced even though we receive free food.

Ratings are based on the overall performance and service of the restaurant and here’s what our ratings mean:

  1. A Big NO! – With extreme regret we advise that this is not recommended.
  2. Try if You Wish – A rather unremarkable experience.
  3. It’s OKAY – Not too good, not too bad.
  4. Give It a Shot – A very good and decent performance on the        whole.
  5. You’ll Walk in Again! – A great experience with exceeding expectations and highly recommended.

What is Halal?

Fundamentally, halal translates to permissible or allowed, meaning that it is permissible food.

Due to popular user demand, we have decided to take down the icon which determined the Halal Status of the restaurant on the restaurants food, we have decided to take down the single icon which stated if the food was Muslim Friendly and decided to lay out the factors that are involved in this decision as we give you the facts and decision for consumption solely depends on the user to make.


  • Alcohol Served – Several restaurants serve alcohol yet they serve food which is prepared with attention to Muslim consumption, this icon clearly states if alcohol is served and if yes, on what basis.
  • Halal Chicken – This icon provides you with information as to the halal status of the poultry, we clearly state if the chicken used is halal certified by the Halal Accreditation Center or if it isn’t.
  • Muslim Owned – The owners who are Muslims guarantee that the food is halal.
  • Management Guarantee – The management guarantees that the food prepared is prepared in a halal manner.
  • Cooked Separately – If pork or non-halal items are served, this icon identifies if they are cooked in separate utensils where non-halal items are not in contact with the halal items.
  • Alcohol used in cooking – If ingredients and poultry are halal certified, when alcohol is used in cooking it makes it non-halal. Hence, we take this factor into consideration before determining if its halal worthy.

Our reviewers do have prior experience in this field yet we will not claim we have expertise in food reviewing. We try our best to provide our readers with accurate information and clear insight about our experiences at the restaurants as well as all the other eateries.

Our team also includes experienced writers and members with experience in exploring local and International cuisines – And yes, we love everything about food!

Our dining experiences, as mentioned earlier, are reviewed with truthful comments keeping in mind that our readers should be acknowledged with the facts. Therefore, we cannot remove or make any changes to our reviews. Sorry!

If you still feel that our judgements are questionable please send us an email to

Note: A re-review may be requested in case of any modifications made to the menu.

If restaurants have made any changes to their menu, we will definitely walk in again for a re-review. If you are a restaurant and would like a re-review for the modifications made, please send in your requests to

We are true to our readers and we are completely transparent without nothing being done on the sly. As mentioned earlier, we do our job with utmost integrity. 

Definitely! – We welcome your opinions about our reviews and the restaurants as well, which you can share in the comments section. If you would like to share any remarks or suggestions regarding our website, please contact us through

Please refer to the Muslim Friendly category above. We have provided detailed information regarding the same. 

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