Bake Cottage

Bake Cottage

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 1 year ago

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Wow. Mouth-watering. Delicious. Do you want to say these after looking at some arty treats? Bake Cottage is here for you then!


1kg Chocolate Cake with Almond Flake and Chocolate Balls | Rs.2350

This was something to die for! It had lots of chocolate balls on the surface and many layers of chocolate inside along with almond flakes surrounding the outer layer.

Sundae Cupcake | Rs.130

This proved that not only chocolate cupcakes can be awesome, but vanilla cupcakes can make you drool too! It had a whopping amount of vanilla icing which was topped with sprinkles, chocolate sauce and oh, a cherry! It tasted milky and the icing was smooth while the cake was soft.

Brandy Mousse Cupcake | Rs.140

Gold Cupcake | Rs.170

Now, this is not your average cupcake that you can just pick from anywhere! These looked very creative with a seashell-shaped chocolate and it, along with the whole surface, was coloured in metallic gold! But beneath, it was only just an endless amount of mouth-watering chocolate!

What more? They offer savoury items as well! Their Chicken Pie (Rs.95) and Veg Pie (Rs.85) didn’t have much difference except for the chicken. They were very tasty and exceeded our expectations.


We would happily say that we loved their presentation. Specially their sea-shell shaped chocolate cupcakes caught our eye the most! They were even covered in a gold wrapping. These were a treat to the eye as well.

Order & Delivery

Go through their menu to find out a long list of all their tasty treats and place your orders earlier since they work on pre-orders and we personally liked how they delivered on time in their little jeep. You could even pick up your items from Rajagiriya.


Oh, nothing much to say. Just that Bake Cottage is one of the best we have come across!

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