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Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 12 months ago

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Here is yet another home baker who we tried out and this is what we have to say about them.



Blueberry Crumble Cupcake | Rs.120

Munch in the soft cake with crispy crumbles at the top layer and sink in your teeth to a soft layer of tasty vanilla cake with a hint of blueberry.

Chocolate topped with Strawberry Cupcake | Rs.120

Made to allure anyone, this came with two halves of a strawberry and moist chocolate icing on the soft cake. The best way to taste it? Take a bite of both the strawberry and cake together and taste the heaven of both the flavours combined blending in your mouth.

Mocha Cupcakes | Rs.90

This pure coffee cupcake was dark at the centre and a lighter brown at the edges. This was yet another coffee cake we loved.

Tiramisu Éclairs | Rs.100

This was a different type of éclair with a cream and coffee coloured topping which gave away the taste of the same, along with a soft cream inside.

Rainbow Jar | Rs.340

Do you love ribbon cake? Then you will surely love this too! With layers of bright pink, yellow, green and blue all separated with white icing, this was simply amazing. It even had a decoration of white icing with sprinkles at the top.

Chocolate Cake Jar with Strawberries, Cream and Ganache | Rs.380

This had a moist layer muddled with strawberry pieces. Too moist yet delicious and the cream was tasty when combined with the strawberry flavour as well.


Handy and neat, their presentation was very good and it is something we would all expect our treats to arrive in.


Pre-order your items and right now they don't provide delivery so you will have to cross check on how you will have to pick them up.


We only have to say that you will love Bakes N Beyond!

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