Bakes by Bee Salt

Bakes by Bee Salt

Reviewed by Hafsa Killru | 1 year ago

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Bakes by Bee Salt – as unique as their name sounds, their treats were one of a kind too!

Read ahead to know more about them.


Pineapple Cake | Rs.1700

With three layers of vanilla cake parted by whipped cream, giving off a hint of pineapple and coffee flavour, was truly a delight! The soft cake had an eyeful topping of pineapple and nut pieces. Trust us when we say it was soul satisfying!

Their Baby Chocolate Eclairs | Rs.50

They were not bad too. Instead they were really tasty with chocolate pouring out. Petite yet delicious!

Death by Chocolate Cupcakes | Rs.140

Anything more to say? It already says “Death by Chocolate” and that’s exactly what we experienced. It looked alluring due owing to its soft texture and the simple decoration.

Bakes by Bee Salt has one of the best savoury of Cheese and Mash Profiteroles (Rs.50) to offer! Decorated with a mint leaf on top and with a salad of mashed potatoes and cheese along with a pint of pepper.



Who would like to eat something that doesn’t seem appealing or neat? No worries when you are ordering from Bakes by Bee Salt – they present very neat and tidy

Order & Delivery

It’s the usual process – place your orders early to avoid disappointments and you can actually rely on their delivery time as well.


We loved it. You will love it too!

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