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Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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Think about gooey, fudge, chocolate and lots of love - what pops into your mind? Well, it's brownies in ours! Most of us simply crave for chocolate and a fresh batch of brownies to pop right out of the oven. But at most times, not all of us have an inner domestic god (or goddess) within us, meaning sometimes to satisfy those cravings you got to call up the Brownie & Co for all your brownie fix!


Brownie Pizza | Rs.1500

It's almost certain your heart probably skipped a beat when you hear the phrase "Brownie Pizza" and as soon as you see the picture, your heart’s about to explode. This brownie has five unique slices with its own amazing toppings! The Oreo topping was filled with broken cookies in a layer of white chocolate ganache to Maltese's, s'mores (yes, gooey marshmallows amidst tons of chocolate, too) M&Ms and a strawberry inspired spread with the infamous white ganache.

Nutella Cupcakes | Rs.100

Nutella cupcakes are like a blessing; like ordinary chocolate cupcakes with a burst of Nutella right in the middle! It's almost like a molten lava cake but with a crumbly top and a soft layer of cake.

Surprise Cupcakes | Rs.145

S'berry Frenzy

All three cupcakes were the same standard chocolatey ones. However, the only difference was the toppings. We found the strawberry frenzy rather sweet and the icing wasn't what we expected.

Oreo Surprise 

Overall this seemed better, including presentation, from the big Oreo on top together with the delicious icing and blended oreos.

MnM Funfetti

We saw zero MnMs on this, but a blue frenzy and it tasted quite odd to our liking!

Assorted Pack

All the brownies under these toppings were the same - gooey, dark chocolatey and fudge with a cracked layer on top, giving it a slight crisp.

S'berry Drizzle | Rs.100

This dressing was with a white ganache cream and chunks of chopped sweet strawberries!

S'berry Fudge | Rs.100

This was with a strawberry pink ganache and two thick slices of strawberry.

Mint Glaze | Rs.80

A fresh green glaze with a sweet but powering, peppermint flavour that got us loving mint brownies.

Nutty Brownie | Rs.95

For all the nut lovers, this one’s filled with crushed nuts! Personally, we’d have loved a brownie batter filled with nuts, though.

Cappuccino | Rs.90

For a caffeine fix, this coffee infused ganache is to die for.


They all looked very presentable and appeasing to the eye, although the cupcake icing wasn't yet strong!

Order & Delivery

Delivery was quite late, and is usually through a tuk tuk. Direct pick up is also made possible. Orders need at least two working days!


We'd definitely re-order from Brownie & Co., but we'd stay put from the cupcakes. Those most certainly need improvement and we've tried better!

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