Buttercup Bubbles

Buttercup Bubbles

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 10 months ago

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How often do you find identical twins that are not just drop dead gorgeous but can also bake? Not very often!

With hundreds of home bakers around Colombo, these two stand out! Why? Because you don't just get one gifted baker but two! (You can honestly never tell them apart and if you're lucky their aprons might help out)

The buttercup bubbles are always full of life and laughter and apart from being talented bakers and sharing this unique passion - the twins are in complete different fields (psychology & fashion!)
Here's what we checked out from them!


Peanut Butter Brownies | 1kg - Rs.2000

If we're to marry a fudge brownie - we'd put a ring on this one! The brownies were simply sinful indulgence. Super chocolatey and melts in your mouth with the fudge base goodness. It's smothered with freshly made peanut butter, giving you the creamy texture on top and the nutty flavour of the peanuts. Who knew these two were another match made in heaven!?


Milo Cupcakes | Rs.130

If you run past their interesting Instagram you'd come across their milo goodness and you'd probably have a mini heart attack. They are to die for! The cupcakes are incredibly moist and full of chocolate. The icing on top was with the ridge texture that didn't fall apart or come off gross like most cupcakes do AND it was like an explosion when you bite into the middle! The milo chocolate oozes out, and drips onto your fingers making you look like Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


These twins by far have the best cinnamon rolls in the country and I'm saying this with utmost confidence. Why? That's for me to know and for you to find out once you've placed your orders!


Apple Cinnamon Roll | Rs. 150/-

We've tried apple pie and more importantly we've lost our shit for the aroma of the Apple cinnamon flavours. This one was a winner! The cinnamon rolls were UNBELIEVABLY soft, crispy AND fluffy at the same time! They were baked to perfection and drenched in the glaze that can just take you to your pleasure zone. These babies had little chunks of Apple cooked in with the cinnamon and baked within the roll. It tasted like Apple pie and I loved it.



Nutella Cinnamon Roll | Rs.150

Once again the winning cinnamon rolls got a nice smother of Nutella in between along with the scented cinnamon that felt like a mini orgasm right inside your mouth. It wasn't overly chocolatey that ends up making you feel sick, but rather the perfect balance.


Cashew Cinnamon Roll | Rs.130

For those who want the added crunch to their cinnamon rolls! The crunchy cashew caramelised into the cinnamon rolls were fabulous and gave it a rich element to the whole cinnamon roll experience.


Plain Cinnamon Roll | Rs.100

Ah the classic original that I had the pleasure of tasting. It was pretty much A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and they stuck to the original but had a little tweak of their own as most great bakers do.



These ladies do not deliver, it's a pick up location and they'd need two days prior notice! 




They are neatly packed with convenience in white cardboard boxes along with their signature logo.




All I'm saying is that you should immediately call them up and place that order, because you will not regret it. When the cinnamon rolls were over, I was so close to tears because they were THAT good. There's room for improvement considering it's not the original "Cinnabon" - but close enough.

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