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Cake Labs

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 9 months ago

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An Instagram baking store gifted in the art of designing with icing and fondant! Going through her Instagram would just get you super mesmerised by how creative she can be.

We ordered a few cupcakes form her and here’s our verdict!



Chocolate Sponge Cupcake | Rs.135

Let us get one thing straight, the cake labs may have a very creative mind and can do wonders but when it comes to the actual product we were shocked.

The cupcake did fall perfectly under the sponge cake category since it was extremely airy. The cake was quite dry and did not have the moist element in the very least! If we are to be honest it almost felt as if it was an old batch and that the cake can do so much better.


The cupcakes were neatly packed in a white cardboard box with cupcake holders for support.


The minimum order would be 12 pieces and the cake labs would require a 4-5 days heads up! Delivery is available with a metered tuk to the required destination or direct pick up from location.


We felt that despite good looks, the inside needs to be satisfying too! Perhaps it was a bad day but we’d definitely love to try out the rest of their range and change our opinion.

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