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Cakeology is a home baker that specializes in a variety of cupcakes to mouth watering cakes! You’d be stunned once you scroll down her Instagram page, with the delightful goodies. Sumaiya is a psychology undergraduate and with all the college hours were pretty impressed with how she manages to keep the baking going on no matter what!


Mint chocolate chip  | Rs.120 each

 These cupcakes looked very eye catching and on point (almost as if it’s gone through some cupcake Photoshop) the frosting had a strong yet perfectly balanced mint flavor, along with the melt in your mouth chocolate chips. The cake which was a chocolate base too had so much flavor and wasn’t too dry or moist.

Chocolate butter cream cupcakes | Rs.100 each

 The butter cream was extremely moist and melting in your mouth, although we did find it a little too sweet. However when combined with the chocolate sponge, it gave out a more neutral feel towards it.

Red velvet | Rs.120 each

 The red velvet cupcake had a smooth vanilla frosting with little flakes of the actual red velvet for decoration.  The cake on the other hand was a deep velvet, with a juicier sponge.

Vanilla | Rs.90 each

 This cupcake wins, not a vanilla fan and yet this happened to win over my heart. The frosting was most certainly once again sweet with sprinkles as decoration and was just super delicious with the light pink vanilla base. The cupcake was airy and had neutral levels of sweetness.


The cupcakes look fabulous and on par with how a cupcake is expected to look like and packaging was great too with the cardboard boxes to the mini plastic cup like containers for individual cupcakes.


The cupcakes need a minimum order of 12, however you can also order up to two cupcakes if her Instagram story stays she’s got extras!


In conclusion, we adored the cupcakes and found them super delicious and would go great with tea parties, weddings or even simply to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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So in love with her red velvets ????????????

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