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Cookie Sweet Arts

Reviewed by Zainab Faizal | 11 months ago

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Scrolling down their exciting Instagram feed full of Royal iced sugar cookies, Eat just HAD to try Cookie Sweet Arts out, especially since they claim to design anything - literally anything on your choice of cookie! (Instagram worthy stuff coming down your way!)


It's extremely difficult to find good places that have decent cookies apart from the conventional coffee shops and stores which is why we're pretty thankful we came across Cookie Sweet Arts!



Customized Vanilla Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing (priced based on the requested design)

Can these get any cuter? The soft sugar cookies are super sweet and crunchy with a lovely milky aftertaste which would be the ideal gift for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers or simply anything worth celebrating. Considering how they make some incredible designs with royal icing, let your imagination run free!

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Unfortunately this was a complete bummer considering how although their perfectly round shape made it look very appetizing, I didn't exactly fancy the sugar infused chocolate cookies. It had an odd taste that I wouldn't like to re visit - they didn’t taste of chocolate and were not as sweet as they should have been.

Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Oreo cheesecake cookies should conquer the world! These cookies were AMAZING. They were quite large and round with plenty of crushed Oreo chunks along with a cheesecake batter incorporated into it which resulted in a fabulous chocolate cheesecake flavor, all in a gorgeous cookie!

Nutella Cookie Shake

This is the first time that I’d heard of a home baker who'd also whip up some delicious cookie shakes! (This is truly cookie heaven *heart eyes*)

This was a milk based shake with crushed cookies which gave a decent amount of crunch with every sip - and lots of Nutella! Dreams do come true.

Tres Leches Cups

The tres leches cups are your average tres leches, each of which is made up of a light and airy sponge claw soaked in a mixture of three milks - evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream - that's where the "tres" comes from and the catch here is that you get your tres leches in a cup which is topped with crunchy cashew pieces and is super convenient to carry around! The cake was a little soggier than expected, but it was still on point!

Cookie Cake Pizza

The cookie cake pizza is more or less the ultimate dream come true. A cookie based dough is smothered with LOTS (and I mean LOTS) of Nutella and then each slice is smothered in M&Ms, Oreos, Maltesers or anything you'd wish for a cookie topping. Crunchy, gooey and chocolate-y goodness!


The royal icing cookies were pretty LIT! They were presented in neat wrapping with a red ribbon on top. The cookie cake was set in a white box which secured it very well so there was no reason to worry about it falling off - same goes to the tres leches cups and the cookie shake cups!



This home-baker doesn't wish to disclose her prices, so it's best you call her up and get them based to your requirements.



The minimum order for items are as follows::

  • Cookies - 12 nos
  • Tres leches cups - 6 nos
  • Cookie shake - 1 nos


The cookie cake pizza is layered with Nutella and you can choose their toppings from Maltesers, M&Ms, Kitkat and Oreos.


They are currently based in Kirulapone and pick up is possible. If the order is worth over Rs.2000 or more, they deliver though charges apply according to your location (normal meter taxi charges only).



We are definitely coming back for the Oreo cheesecake cookies and the customized cookies! Cookie Sweet Arts is going places if they continue the amazing work and improve on their chocolate sugar cookies!


Address: Kirulapone (You need to call up and get directions to the location - we got the food delivered)

Number: +94 77 925 5595 

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Tel : +94 77 925 5595 

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