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Crafter in a craft is yet another Instagram based craft store that also makes some interesting brownies! With them reaching out and finally having a glimpse of the brownies from her page we thought we must give it a try.



All the brownies were neatly cut squares that had a slight cracked crispy layer on top but overall the rest of the brownie had a very thick chocolate cake vibes.


  • MnMs | Rs.95

These were the plain MnMs.

  • Rocky Road | Rs.80

Mini white marshmallows that are roasted bringing you delicious smores.

  • Nutty | Rs.95

A handful of crushed up cashew.

  • Oreos | Rs.100   

Who can go wrong with Oreos?

  • Sprinkles | Rs.90

It’s a confetti party!

  • Ganache | Rs.80

Deliciously thick chocolate ganache


There’s only pick up for these brownies!

-24-hour prior notice for 40 or less brownies

- A week prior notice for brownie orders above 40




If you want a range of giant slices of brownies that’s got toppings you’re constantly craving for with a dark fudgy cake like base.


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These brownies are splendid! My go to for ~ breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the other munching times in between!! :D <3 xX

(10 months ago)


Best ever brownies I've had so far !!! Simply heavenly.

(10 months ago)


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