Cravings by Sue

Cravings by Sue

Reviewed by Tenisha Buell | 11 months ago

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Not only does she satisfy your baked good cravings, she’s added home-made granola to her menu to make you feel a little less guilty for ordering her yummy bakes! Cravings By Sue is a lovely home-baker who bakes goodies which she herself craves – supplying goodies to restaurants like Café Kumbuk, she has most certainly made a name for herself in the market!


(9 inch) Chocolate and Strawberry Cake | Rs.4000

A Valentine’s Day special that was sure to make your special one have heart eyes! A dense double layered chocolate cake sandwiched with juicy strawberries and covered in thick ganache! Decadent or what? The cake was moist thanks to the ripe strawberries AND it added a tartness to each mouthful. The cake was not made too chocolaty because of the viscous ganache that was drizzled in a way that it cascaded down the sides!

(9 inch) Mixed Berry Vanilla Cake | Rs.4000

Another Valentine’s Day special made for those who don’t fancy chocolate. (Don’t know why that is even an option!?!) However, this is actually the perfect substitute for a chocolate cake! This simple vanilla cake has been upgraded with cream cheese frosting and blueberries! At first it looked like a cheesecake because the layer that sandwiched the two vanilla layers is a thick combination of blueberries and cream cheese frosting – truly resembling a no-bake cheesecake. Definitely, unusually it made into our good books!

Choco Chunk Brownies | Rs.200 Each

These came looking like pizza brownies which we were curious about, so we decided to try it first; you’d think that if you feel full after having a slice you’d stop but it was as if we liked the idea of chewing because we kept popping pieces into our mouth – yes, they were THAT good! These were incredibly fudgy brownies (SCORE!!), and the chocolate chunks that were used were spectacular because they appear to be slightly sweeter than the brownie itself – I mean talk about decadence!! These will definitely be ordered again!

Choco Nut Brownie Cup | Rs.200 Each

These cylindrical shaped brownies were difficult to put a finger on at first but after a few (HEFTY) bites, it hit the mark; not sure if there were dates in it but it definitely tasted like it! Either way these brownies were gooey and moist; the almonds added were a lovely change in texture, as it gave the brownie a sharp crunch to it.

Nut Toffees | Rs.90 Each

The drier version of a milk toffee, this toffee is very filling and slightly on the sweet side. Being the picky rich-milk-toffee-loving Sri Lankans we are, we couldn’t have more than a few nibbles.

Ferrero Surprise Cupcakes |  Rs.240 Each

Talk about an element of surprise, these cupcakes look like ordinary chocolate fudge cupcakes but 10 times better because its got a whole Ferrero Rocher in it! Ferrero Rochers already have so many layers going on and encasing it in a fudgy cupcake is taking it to a whole new level!

Cinnamon and Apple Granola + Chocolate and Apricot Granola | Rs.650 for 200g

Well, the Granola Gods have answered our prayers and have blessed us with some of the best granola we’ve tasted via Cravings By Sue! The base of each granola mixture is almonds, walnuts, raisins, sunflower seeds and pure bees honey, and if that doesn’t scream healthy then I don’t know what does! We could eat this granola for breakfast, lunch and dinner because it’s absolutely unbelievable! The healthier of the two options would be the Cinnamon and Apple, the chunks of dried apple were thankfully not too dry but were chewy, which went great with the wonderfully nutty granola; the cinnamon was not too subtle or too strong and went perfectly with the rest of the mixture! Moving on to the unhealthy but most favoured of the two – Chocolate and Apricot; who would have thought of a chocolate and apricot combo in granola? Cravings by Sue, that’s who! From the chocolate chunks to the chewy dried apricot in the midst of the crunchy honey-drizzled granola base, this granola was as on point as it gets! Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth in a slightly guilt-free way? This granola is the treat for you!


Very simplistic and not overdone, a little bit more decor would have been nice considering the prices nevertheless the taste almost made up for it!


You can get your goodies delivered to your doorstep but we suggest you order in advance, as she is very busy.


Cravings by Sue could easily fall under the category of our favourite home-bakers! We highly recommend her granola and brownies because they were seriously top notch! Although the pricing may seem overwhelming, taste it and it’ll be worth it in the end

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